Colourpop Cosmetics x Hello Kitty Swatches + Review

Hi loves,
I'd originally planned on posting this so much earlier, but life got in the way. Unfortunately this was a limited edition collection which has now been discontinued, but I asked you guys on my Instagram if you'd still like for me to make this post and I got a positive response directing towards a solid 'yes!'

When I was growing up, Hello Kitty was the shit. And by that, I mean, she was equivalent to whatever fad is popular today. I remember collecting notebooks, pens, pencils, stickers, backpacks, socks; literally anything that had Hello Kitty on it, you could bet your bottom dollar that I had it.
Of course, when Colourpop Cosmetics announced that they were doing a collaboration with the ever-so-cute kitty herself, I had to jump on board. This was my childhood speaking to me and coming back to reincarnate into what I love now: makeup. I managed to snag a few goodies, which is what I'm excited to show you today.

The Hello Pretty! Face Kit
This kit contains 3 x Super Shock Shadows, 1 x Super Shock Cheek Blush, 1 x Super Shock Cheek Highlighter, 1 x Ultra Glossy Lip and 1 x Ultra Matte Lip. It's the ultimate pretty kitty kit.
Top to Bottom: Bento Box, Sticker Sheet, Juicy Apple, Fun with Friends, Yummy Cookies, KT and Ribbon
Super Shock Shadows -
Bento Box: A pearlised grey toned creamy eyeshadow shade which has a hint of blue and silver. It's super pigmented and perfect for that grungy-smokey eye look.
Sticker Sheet: A satin earthy brown which would be great as a base or all-over-lid shadow. It's a gorgeous neutral brown for everyday wear.
Juicy Apple: A shock shadow in a "glitter sheers" finish. It's speaks the truth as it is super sheer but with beautiful sparkles in gold, rose gold and a hint of a yellow tone. I would definitely use this as a pigment and pack it on, or in the inner corners of my eyes.
Super Shock Cheek Blush -
Fun With Friends: A pearlised bright pink with pink and silver glitters embedded in it. It's beautifully pigmented and a fun flush to your cheeks.
Super Shock Cheek Highlighter -
Yummy Cookies: A pearlised nude which doesn't have too much glitter but the right amount of pigmentation. It's in between sheer and pigmented, so for a highlighter, it's definitely buildable.
Ultra Glossy Lip -
KT: A sheer gloss with beautiful sparkles in gold and pink. So so pretty, and can easily sit on top of any lipstick shade.
Ultra Matte Lip -
Ribbon: A matte classic blue-toned red, which has high pigmentation. Like many of their matte liquid lipsticks, it's a little drying but it's non-transferring which means it's super long-lasting.

The Hello Pretty! Lip Collection
I didn't get all of the lip shades from the collection because I only fell in love with a fair few. The selected range consisted of Ultra Satin Lips, Ultra Metallic Lips, Ultra Glossy Lips, Ultra Matte Lips and Lippie Stix. Aside from the pretty kit, I picked up a lippie stix, two satin lips, a metallic lip and a glossy lip.
Top to bottom: Konnichiwa, Tiny Chum, Lock Diary, Surprise and Super Cute
Lippie Stix -
Konnichiwa: A creme, rosy pink. Great pigmentation with a smooth application. The perfect pink for many skin tones.
Ultra Satin Lip -
Tiny Chum: A nude pink for a pretty everyday shade. It's highly pigmented, whilst also non-drying as it doesn't fully set to matte.
Lock Diary: A hot pink with a bit of a blue undertone. Again, highly pigmented, non-drying and a fun daytime shade.
Ultra Metallic Lip -
Surprise: A perfect red with hints of gold and pink shimmers. So so stunning. Great pigmentation and non-drying.
Ultra Glossy Lip -
Super Cute: A sheer glossy pink with gold and pink sparkles. Seeing as it's sheer, it has low pigmentation but is probably meant as a top coat gloss.

Mama's Apple Pie Super Shock Shadow Collection
Usually, I'm a huge fan of lip products, but for this collection, adding this shadow quad to my cart was more than pleasing.
Top to bottom: Rainbow, Friendship File, School Bus and Small Gift
Rainbow: Another shadow in a "glitter sheers" finish, where it's basically just glitter in a pot. It's white with silver sparkles and can be used for buildable pigments on the lid or inner corners.
Friendship File: A metallic nude shadow with a beautiful mixture of pink, blue and silver shimmers. Low pigmentation, yet still beautiful on the lid.
School Bus: A pearlised deep navy blue with a subtle glitter/shimmer. It has amazing pigmentation, and looks so gorgeous on.
Small Gift: A metallic peachy-pink nude shade with a subtle glitter/shimmer also. Great pigmentation, and amazing for everyday wear.

The Hello Pretty! Highlighter and Blush
Even though the face kit already came with a highlighter and a blush, I still wanted to check these guys out. Now that I have, I can see they're clearly not for me.
Top to bottom: School Is Fun and Coin Purse
School Is Fun: A pearlised white highlighter with hints of yellow. Super creamy with great pigmentation. Though certainly not the highlighter for my skin tone.
Coin Purse: A matte bright pink blush. Creamy with amazing pigmentation. Again, not the blush for my skin tone.

Overall, the collection is really approachable if you know what you're looking for. I kind of took a chance on the individual highlighter and blush, but everything else, I adore. Hello Kitty, you've done me proud.

I'm so disappointed that I didn't get this post up before the collection was discontinued. It's really cute and wearable, and I know a lot of you would have loved this had you known about it and whether or not it was worth it. I'm so sorry, you guys!

Happy Easter, my lovelies!
I hope you're enjoying the long weekend.

Filled with love,
Danica xo

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