Maternity Shoot: Part 2

Hi loves,
Here it is; Part 2 of the Maternity Shoot! Majority of it is the family portion. It's usually really hard to convince my fiancè and my son to do photoshoots with me considering they're a lot more camera shy than I am, but this was a special kind of shoot that just had to be done. We'll definitely treasure these photos forever!


Maternity Photoshoot: Part 1

Hi loves,
Well, as I neared my due date, I had one of my crazy talented friends come over to shoot our maternity/family pictures. It took me a while to edit them as I had sooo many beautiful choices to choose from, and when you're pregnant, if you're like me, your indecisiveness can increase dramatically.
This is only part one, but I absolutely love it and if my friend hadn't convinced me to work up the confidence to do this bit of the shoot, I'm 100% sure I would have regretted it.
I never took photos when I was pregnant with Ethan, so I wanted to make sure this time around, I had some keepsake of what my body looked like with child.
So enjoy, and I hope you love it as much as I do!


Outfit with a Side of Update

Hi loves,
So I've been a bit of a mess lately. Life's been a tad bit crazy and fashion hasn't been much of a priority for me lately. Being sassy and stylish has gone out the window, while being cool and comfy has crept in through the doorway. There are some people out there who can pull off the latest trends; I, for one, am not one of them. All I can do is dress in what I like and be myself. Don't get me wrong, I love to try out trends every once in a while, but at the end of the day, my simple and "boring" outfits are what I feel best in. I guess you could say that I just haven't been fashion inspired as of late.
Well, since it's been a while since I've done any outfit shoots, I thought I'd post this shoot from last year that I never got around to posting up since life got too busy. I'm becoming a broken record since I feel like that's all I ever say to you guys, but I am deeply sorry. I'm finding my groove. I don't know whether I should keep this blog or move to YouTube, or if I should just be solely an "Instagram blog." Social media and the blogging community changes every day, so finding my place within all that is going to take some time. I'm quite an indecisive person, so this may take longer than expected. Please be patient with me.
In the meantime, enjoy this look! I had fun styling and shooting it! x


My High Tea Baby Shower

Hi loves,
So here we are, in the final home stretch: the third trimester! Last weekend, I had my baby shower for our baby girl and it was the shower of my dreams seeing as it was a high tea theme. Leading up to it, I was so worried about the weather being horrible with it being the middle of Winter, but the sun decided to come out and make my day absolutely wonderful.

I had so many of my family and close friends come and just shower me with so much love, support and the most thoughtful gifts. I couldn't feel more lucky than I do these days to have all of these women around me supporting me through this incredible moment in my life. So to everyone who came (and even to those who couldn't make it, your love was felt from afar), thank you so much for absolutely everything!

With how picture perfect the entire event was (thanks to my beautiful best friend who planned and hosted it with me!), I wanted to come on here to share a few snaps from the magical day.
Hope you love!


Gender Reveal: It's A... Girl!

Hi loves,
As you know we are expecting baby number two in August, and we are so happy to finally announce that we are expecting a baby girl! We feel so blessed to have been given a beautiful baby boy almost 8 years ago, so for us to be expecting a sweet little girl this Winter brings us so much happiness as it'll feel like our family is complete.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your love for us on my social media accounts! We have so much love and appreciation for all of you.

With the excitement of these news, I just wanted to share a few snaps from our gender reveal party from a few weeks ago. Hope you love!


Colourpop Cosmetics x Hello Kitty Swatches + Review

Hi loves,
I'd originally planned on posting this so much earlier, but life got in the way. Unfortunately this was a limited edition collection which has now been discontinued, but I asked you guys on my Instagram if you'd still like for me to make this post and I got a positive response directing towards a solid 'yes!'


Announcing Our Pregnancy: We're Pregnant.. Again!

Hi loves,
Well, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you would know by now that my fiancé and I are expecting to welcome our second baby by the end of Winter 2017! We are so thrilled for this next chapter in our lives. To finally watch our only son Ethan become an awesome big brother is definitely one of my happiest moments in life.

When we had our first baby, we were young teenagers still on the verge of growing up, and now that we're older and more settled in our lives together, it feels so much better to announce a pregnancy, which is why we wanted to announce it to our family and friends in different and special ways.

So today, that's what I'm doing; sharing the special ways we announced our pregnancy, so let's get right on into it.


Of course the first announcement was to my incredible fiancé. I didn't do anything special because when it comes to sharing things with my partner, it takes a lot for me to keep something a secret from him, even if it is a wonderful surprise, since we quite literally share everything with each other.
Basically, I already had a bit of a hunch that I was pregnant seeing as my monthlies are the only constant regulars in my day-to-day norm, and for once I was abnormally late. I'd decided to take a pregnancy test, but it was about 8pm at night and usually that's when your hormones are at their lowest, so it didn't register properly. However, I saw a very very very faint second pink line, but I couldn't depend on it. So the next morning, I took a test with my very first urine of the day (according to the internet, that's your best bet on getting an accurate reading), and after 2 minutes, there it was - two very visible pink lines.
I was so shocked and excited, I rushed out of the bathroom and accidentally shoved the pee-infested stick in front of my partner's face. It was really early though so he was sort of half-asleep and replied blankly with an "oh, wow.." but my excitement was through the roof, it covered enough emotions for the both of us. When he came to, he was a little skeptical about it, so we went out and bought more tests and every one of them came back positive. He still didn't really believe it, not until we finally went to the doctors and had it confirmed through numerous tests.