October Favourites

Hi loves,
If I could describe what I've been up to lately in one word, I would say it's been very "busy." I feel like every time I talk to you guys, I'm raving on about how busy I've gotten, but it's a natural part of life and growing up. Time slips away but the list of things that need to be done just grows and grows; practically never-ending.
So because I don't want to ramble on about how busy I've been (and I'm sure you'll just roll your eyes the entire way through), let's just jump into this month's favourites.


Although this kit has been in my collection for a couple of months now, it's been a handy favourite this past month. The Kylie Cosmetics birthday edition mini matte liquid lipstick kit is a nice little treasure to find at the bottom of my bag when I've forgotten to smack on some lippie for the day. Not only is it adorable, it's wildly convenient for forgetful me. My favourite shades are definitely either Dolce K or Candy K!


If you're a woman and you say you don't enjoy Victoria's Secret perfumes, you're either in denial or blatantly lying. I'm managing to build quite a collection because they have the most flirty, beautiful and sexy scents. I got this one at the Melbourne airport (because there was a sale going on) and I found myself immediately drawn to the delicious scent. Now, I have a sensitive nose, but the strength of this one is manageable for my weak sinus, which is another reason as to why it's part of this month's favourites. Finding the right fragrance for myself can be tricky when one sniff makes you sneeze 7 times.


When my bestie and I found out that Desi (look at me calling her by her first name like we're old friends) was restocking her super popular and stylish sunglasses; we knew we had to get on that bandwagon immediately. And that, we did. With the warmer weather smacking us in the face like this, my eyes need a break from the glorious sunshine and the Quay Australia x Desi Perkins high key sunglasses have been my go-to's since. It goes with any and every outfit, and simply screams 'ready to slay' every time I have it on.


So I posted about this on my Instagram because I'd lost my favourite hairbrush in Melbourne and had to find a worthy replacement. Nothing has come close to how brilliant this is at cooperating with my tangly long thick locks. The Lady Jayne TanglePro detangling brush has saved my hair from every painful hair brush stroke. There's no force when brushing through my hair, which is what I absolutely love about this because the years of pain I suffered through because of the way I brushed my hair will live with me forever.

I have wanted this for the longest time, but never got around to purchasing one. I could never find the right one for me, so when this rose gold one popped up on my feed (courtesy of peppermayo.com), it was selfie-light-case-fate. That's not a thing, but let's continue. Have you ever been out at dinner or a chill night out with friends and wanted to take a selfie but the lighting inside the restaurant or club was always so dark, miserable and not suitable for selfies? Look no further than the #halocase! It's highly flattering and super convenient!

Well, that's my October Favourites; hope you enjoyed and found yourself considering getting yourself one of them.
Be on the lookout for my upcoming holiday posts!

Filled with love,

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