How-To: Tell What Your Breakouts Mean

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After reading profoundly on breakouts and how to determine what kind of inner disruption is causing its outbreak, I found it really fascinating how the location of each zit has a particular cause behind it, and the idea occurred to me that it might help some of you out there figure out the frustrating mystery of the p i m p l e !
So according to Lauren Conrad Beauty, face mapping comes from the Eastern tradition collaborated with ancient Chinese dermatology which claims that there's a connection between different zones on your face and your internal organs.

Figuring out what's causing your acne or random-pop-up-pimples may help clear up your skin, so you can get on with preventing it further. Well, here's what we know about what's causing your breakouts...

More often than not, a zit outbreak on your forehead may have something to do with your lack of sleep or increased stress levels. Try catching between 7-10 hours of zzz's throughout the night to assist in improving your forehead's clearer skin.

Spotting an outbreak above your brows will most likely mean you're getting sick or you've just overcome being unwell. Either way, just continue to take it easy and drink plenty of water.

What they say is true; your consistent intake in junk food can impact your skin's appearance in a major way. Usually, a breakout between your brows can mean you've spoiled yourself too much with the takeout/sweets or are having a reaction to a food allergy, so try cutting back on the takeout and sweets if you want to help clear up this part of your face.

Smoking and breathing in polluted air can cause a breakout on your cheeks in the most uncomfortable way. Like, of all places, my cheek? Smack dab in the middle of my cheek? There has to be a place in beauty hell for whoever let that happen.

Now here's the one zone you can't really control on whether or not you can prevent getting a pimple; your chin is linked to your hormones so your chin is affected almost every month when you're on your period and when you're ovulating.

Let me know if this was helpful to you, because this face map has become a huge lifesaver for me and my skin. I hope it helps a lot of you and reminds you that taking care of your skin should be one of your most important priorities.

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