July Favourites

So much has happened in the month of July, I almost completely forgot to create a Favourites post. But to be honest, creating these Monthly Favourites posts are what keeps me inspired when it comes to blogging. Thinking of different ways I can shoot items that I've coveted in the last month keeps my creative juices flowing and fresh.
Well, with that said, let's take a look into my favourites for the month.

!!Shameless self-promo!! But if you haven't already, go and check out my review on these lovely things because they're seriously amazing.
Now back to my faves. So you know when you're digging through the bottom of your handbag for that dollar that you chucked in there because payday passed and you're now taking every dollar seriously? It may sound totally irrelevant to what I'm trying to say, but you know how you manage to tip everything out of your bag and notice you have about 4 different lipsticks, glosses or balms just having a casual holiday in your handbag? Well, for the past month of July, the NYX lip lingerie liquid lipsticks have been my go-to girls for the perfect everyday pink lip. I usually spend way too much time on my makeup and end up running late so I immediately chuck on a colour I know best suits anything and everything - and it's usually almost always one of these.

You've probably seen this product in my last post about My Everyday Makeup Routine because I've got to be honest, it's an absolute gem. It's been a part of my daily makeup routine since the day I bought it during early July. So it seemed appropriate to include it into this month's favourites post considering I literally have not stopped using this! Now I don't wear makeup on the daily, so when I don't feel like wearing makeup for the day, but still want my skin to appear flawless, I usually just apply this primer onto my face as it colour corrects and blurs out imperfections, thus creating the illusion that I could possibly be wearing makeup, or you know, that I'm just someone with impeccably great skin.


I've noticed I've never actually mentioned to you guys what kind of shampoo and conditioner I use, so I thought I'd share my absolute favourite shampoo and conditioner in tonight's post. I'm not sure how long this has been on shelves, but I've been using it religiously for the last few weeks. I'm really loving what it does for me as it leaves my hair looking super healthy and feeling soft, which I'm so grateful for, seeing as my really thick hair has needed some special treatment for quite some time now. Not only does it physically do wonders for my hair, it smells incredible, leaving my hair smelling incredible - I get complimented all the time on how shiny/healthy and beautifully scented my hair is, and the secret answer has always been these guys!


I don't know about you, but I can't walk into a Lovisa store without walking out purchasing something; whether it's a little ring, a cute bracelet, a dainty necklace, or even the 5 for $10 earrings! The 5 for $10 earrings promotion always gets me weak in the knees and I eventually cave and end up finding another 5 to add to my already bursting-out-of-my-jewellry-box collection.
Their earrings are the perfect little add-ons to any outfit. I personally think dainty jewellry is the absolute prettiest, and you can't go wrong with Lovisa's countless styles of dainty earrings.


I have been on the search for somewhat-stylish, inexpensive velcro sneakers for quite some time now. Before these, I had been wearing my white Converse sneakers religiously, but once Winter rolled through and the rain started pouring down, the rush to put on my sneakers became more difficult, so my search for these sneakers became more like a fox hunting for its prey. I quite literally haven't stopped wearing these out. They're so comfy and I've got to be honest, they're pretty cute with certain outfits. Betts Shoes did me good as I got these for the cheapie price of $19.99! And this is why they say bargain hunting is one of life's greatest pleasures..

Pink + bomber jackets = match made in fashion-heaven ♡ This jacket has been on my back for the majority of July. When styling an outfit, you usually pick out a centre piece and style your look around that, and this has been my central piece for the entire month. It goes so well with everything!
The trending colour for the season was pink so instead of opting for the usual khaki bomber jackets, I was really excited to find one in a lovely pink shade which receives ultimately a ton of compliments whenever worn out. I'm dreading the thought of the warmer seasons rolling through because I do not want to put this cutie away ☹


Recently, I've been making an effort to read before bed rather than being on my phone and delving into the world of social media.
Growing up, I loved to read but things took a turn during high school and I hadn't really touched the thought of reading, unless you counted magazines as a valid reading material, until recently. Although during my time studying at The Fashion Institute, I was fortunate enough to attend a guest speaking talk with Former Vogue Editor, Kirstie Clements, to talk about the fashion industry, her time there, and her new book at the time! We were able to purchase the book at a discounted price and have her sign them for us. Back then, I was able to read a few pages of the book, but as usual, life got in the way and it's been sitting on my shelf with the rest of my unread books - that is, like I said earlier, until recently. It's an amazing book about the harsh truths of the fashion industry, and I feel like it's really prepping me for what's to come in my (slowly-but-surely-approaching) career.
I highly recommend this book if you're hoping to venture into a career in the fashion industry.

What was your favourite thing about July?

Filled with love,
Danica xo

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