NYX Lip Lingerie: Review + Swatches

Hi loves,
By now, you would have heard that NYX Cosmetics is finally releasing their Lip Lingerie matte liquid lipsticks down under, and the excitement for this is so huge; everyone wants to get their hands on this entire collection.
No, this isn't a sponsored post, but I've got a wonderful aunt who lives in America and she so kindly let me order these and have them mailed to her house, where she then had them forwarded to me; all because I couldn't wait until July 16th, and I'm so glad I didn't wait.
For my review and swatches, read on...

Pictured in the first photo above, you can see that the liquid lipsticks are packaged like a typical liquid lipstick/lipgloss. The packaging is made out of plastic which makes it lightweight. I really like that the tube is transparent so you can see the colour of the product without having to open it. The length is also a typical liquid lip product's length, making it easy to pop into your bag when you're on the go. I realise I forgot to take a photo of the applicator, but it's not like the soft matte lip cream's applicator; it's a tad longer in length and slightly thinner for easy application. I actually like it better this way because I can get to my lip corners and trace my cupid's bow much easier.

There's generally 12 shades in the collection, but I only picked up 5 that I thought would suit my skin tone best based on other bloggers' reviews and swatches. The colours I picked up (from top to bottom in the photo) are Teddy, Beauty Mark, Embellishment, Ruffle Trim, and Bedtime Flirt.

Not at all runny, but more of a rich mousse-like texture. After it's dried down a bit, put your lips together and you'll realise that it's got a bit of a sticky feel to it, but not in the uncomfortable-tacky-gloss kind of way. But with the drying down, it doesn't dry straight away, give it a couple of seconds before locking it in. To me, it wasn't as drying as I thought it would be. After about 4 hours of wear, it was still in tact and very comfortable. Although I would still recommend you to exfoliate and apply some lip balm because like any matte lipstick, they do get to a point where they're quite drying on the lips.

Long Lasting Wear
They lasted a good four hours at work for me, until I had to eat lunch. That to me is acceptable enough, but for some, that wouldn't go. However, these lipsticks don't claim to be long lasting anyway, but the initial statement that they are matte, you would sort of expect them to be.

Lip Lingerie #10: Teddy
NYX cosmetics describes this as a "warm rich brown." I found this shade a little clumpy when I first swatched it on my arm. It did dry a lot quicker than the others also, which I'm guessing has something to do with the clumpiness. That was a little disappointing, but the shade itself is so nice, and something I would reach for when I want to try a bold lip colour, but it's still a little subtle.

Lip Lingerie #05: Beauty Mark
NYX cosmetics describes this as a "chocolate brown" and this is the darkest shade in the collection. The description alone defines exactly what you think when you see this shade on. It's as if you ate an entire block of chocolate, and the evidence was left perfectly on your lips. It's definitely a shade I would wear when I'm looking for something a little more daring, bold and sexy.

Lip Lingerie #02: Embellishment
NYX cosmetics describes this as a "muted purple," and I couldn't think of a more true description of this shade. Purples have been some of my lust-after colours lately, and I'm not too sure why considering it's certainly out of my comfort zone, but I've been oddly magnetically drawn towards them as of late. Although this shade is so nice as it's an easy-to-wear shade of purple. It's not that crazy, but still a head-turner.

Lip Lingerie #04: Ruffle Trim
NYX cosmetics describes this as a "cinnamon pink." Quite a clever description, because it is a pink with visible red undertones, but also a hint of peach somewhere in there too. I reach for this shade when I want an easy-to-wear red for the day/night because when applied on my lips, they tend to turn out more like a peachy-red than a pink.

Lip Lingerie #08: Bedtime Flirt
NYX cosmetics describes this as a "red-toned pink," but to be honest, that's got to be the least accurate description if I've ever read one. To me anyway, this shade is the perfect nude pink for my skin tone, which is probably making the red-toned pink description a little less accurate on my part. This has to be my favourite out of all of the lip lingerie shades I purchased. It's currently my go-to everyday pink. It's just so nice and pretty, and just looks really great on with any makeup look.

So, these will be made available to us Aussies on July 16th, with NYX rolling them out into Target, and hooray, Priceline stores nationwide! Be on the lookout for them if you're interested, and let me know in the comments below which shade you're excited to get your hands on!

Also, just a note, as always I will give you guys my absolutely honest opinion. If something wasn't worth buying, I wouldn't recommend it to you guys. You'll come across all sorts of reviews for all sorts of products, but at the end of the day, it's up to you on whether you think the product will work for you. Different products work differently on everyone. There's really no need to go around bashing certain bloggers when it comes to them taking time out of their day to provide some useful information for you. Just a little heads up 

Always filled with love,
Danica xo


  1. Soooo exciting! I swatched a couple at the NYX launch event last week and fell in loooove. We were told one of the colours sold out in Singapore in 33 secs and in Paris they sold 10,000 Lip Lingeries in 1 hour!!!! Can't wait to go buy some next weeeeek!!


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