MAC Lipstick Collection

Hi loves,
Despite constantly adding more to my collection, I was finally able to control myself, which is why this post is happening right now, because I guarantee you, after this goes up, there will be more additions *someone help me*
As you can tell from the title, this is my collection of MAC lipsticks in several finishes.
From a young teenage age, MAC lipsticks were at the top of every one of my birthday and Christmas wishlists. It was the go-to lipstick brand that everyone loved, and I had to have a piece of that pie.
I started my collection with my first MAC lipstick in 2011, and the love grew from there.
But instead of me recounting every MAC lipstick's origin into my beauty collection, how about we get into the individual lippies themselves below?


May Favourites

A totally jam-packed month, as expected considering it was mine and Ethan's birthday this month, I'm surprised I don't have a lot more favourites in this post. I've gotta say, it's getting more and more difficult to pick my favourites every month since I'm the type of girl to get into a routine and use the same things on a daily basis. These posts should really be called, "I recently remembered I owned these things." But I feel like May Favourites has a nicer ring to it...


Colourpop Cosmetics Haul

Hi loves,
Purchased during the 20% off flash sale, taking four weeks to arrive on my door step, I finally have these beautiful colours in my super excited hands, and so today, I'm coming to you with a Colourpop haul.
Enough babbling, let's finally get on to the haul;


Real Techniques Bold Metals eBay Dupes

Hi loves,
I'm not 100% certain on the rules, but I saw a bunch of photos of these brushes making their rounds all over a Makeup Group on Facebook. I noticed that it was the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection set, and I became envious. How dare they flaunt their luckiness and wealth in affording these disgustingly overpriced makeup brushes! Only, I was close to finding out that these girls had only good intentions to share a special secret: these were the realistic as sh*t dupes!!!