Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

Hi loves,
As you know, Mother's Day in Australia is exactly a week away, so you have one week to find the perfect gift for ol' mama dear. Usually every year, I combine my own mum's mother's day gift with her birthday gift as they're only a few days away, but I still wanted to share a few gift ideas I know my mum, grandmother, mother-in-law and fellow mamas and mamas-to-be would love to receive on the special day. Lucky for me, my birthday is the day before mother's day, so that means I'm showered with even more love! So please, forgive the poor picture quality considering these images were taken using my iPhone 6S because my camera was low-battery and was refusing to charge and I did not want to lose good natural lighting.

For the perfume hoarder: The Marc Jacobs fragrance minis are a great gift to give someone who loves to switch up their scent all the time. I personally never go through an entire bottle of fragrance, so the minis are absolutely perfect. This set of minis is currently on sale at Priceline, so if you know of someone who loves perfume and having a different scent everyday, get them this set ASAP!

For the lipstick collector: Lately, pink-nude lips have been the beauty trend. Hop onto any beauty company's website and you'll find majority of their pink-nude colours are either sold out or on limited quantity. K-Mart's beauty brand Fifth Avenue is not only pretty to look at, the quality is also not too shabby. Obviously these are not long-lasting or dry down matte, but the colours are oh-so-lovely for everyday nudes. Mums tend to wear more neutral tones, so if you know your mum loves a good nude lipstick, this lip set would make a lovely gift!

For the skincare enthusiast: A skincare routine is necessary for any woman, not just your mother. From what I know, essano's Rosehip range is one of the best, and your mum will appreciate you for helping her keep her skin soft and youthful.

For the beauty obsessed: I'm sure growing up you would watch your mum from the doorway peeking into her bedroom, watching her put on her makeup. It fascinated you. Fast forward a couple years and you know you want to gift mum some makeup, but how? You can't afford a $90 foundation from Chanel. Well, no matter what your budget, this eye makeup set from K-Mart's Fifth Avenue is a great alternative of affordable, luxury-looking gifts for mum!

For the lady who loves a rosy cheek: Benefit recently released a blush/bronzer kit which is valued up to $255, but is only on sale for $98!!!! What a steal! If your mum loves blush or bronzer as much as mine loves shopping, she needs this kit immediately. Honestly, if you're going to get this kit, get one for yourself while you're at it because the price is too darn good to pass up!

For the stylish mama: This has to be my favourite gift idea of all. A personalised clutch/wallet/phone case or handbag for mum is the ultimate gift to say "I love all that you do for me." Get yours at thedailyedited.com!

That's it for this year's Mother's Day Gift Guide!
Tell me in the comments what you're going to be gifting your mum.
Remember, these are just fun additional gifts, the only thing your mum ever really wants on Mother's Day is your love and appreciation for her (and maybe a breakfast in bed.)

Filled with love,
Danica xo

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