Colourpop Cosmetics: Swatches + Review

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Okay, I kid you not, I was taking a well-deserved nap today after writing up four new drafts of upcoming blog posts (stay tuned!), but the second I heard our 'Under the Sea' themed doorbell ring, I quite literally jumped out of bed and sprinted towards my front door (my room is all the way at the back of the house, so you can imagine how out of breath I was when the delivery guy saw me.)

I was so excited that my Colourpop Cosmetics package had finally arrived!!!! Delivery was almost at 3 weeks, but I noticed some other girls around my area getting their orders within a week? That doesn't matter anymore though, because they are here, and looking stunning!

I've been meaning to make this huge Colourpop order for a while now, so when I finally had some disposable income, I made sure to splurge and treat myself as an early birthday gift. Considering the shipping prices are so exremely ridiculous for Australians, I suggest making your order as big as possible to make it worth it.

Now let's finally get on to the good stuff; the swatches and reviews!

The Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks
Top to Bottom: StingRAYE, Bad Habit, Tulle, Bumble, Clueless and Lumiere 2
The ever-so-hyped Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks are finally in my possession. What a time to be alive!
No, but seriously, I am so excited to finally be trying these out. I've heard mixed reviews, so I thought I would give them a shot anyway, and I'm quite glad I did because I LOVE THEM!

Okay, so just a few things about the packaging before we get started. It comes in a plastic transparent bottle with a silver lid. I like that it's transparent because then you can see exactly what colour to expect in the bottle. It has an average doe foot applicator, so application is very easy and smooth. The one thing I don't like about the packaging is the stopper inside. A lot like the Kylie Jenner liquid lipsticks, when I opened my first lipstick, the liquid had spilled all over my wand. It's a little annoying because it's a waste of product and I'm not sure if I could trust it not getting all over my makeup bag, but that's about the only thing I don't like about the packaging!

Now on to the reviews! A lot of beauty gurus have said this formula was super drying on them and crumbled off after a few hours of wear. Now I've only just gotten them and have only tried one colour which was Lumiere 2, but for me, it was not drying whatsoever and did not crumble off at all. It was surprisingly comfortable to wear. It does however take a few minutes to set as a matte finish, so it will transfer, but about half an hour after application, it did not budge, even as I ate a sushi roll! Very impressive. I find that there's no scent on these, which I guess I like, because I hate when the scent is too strong or tastes like chemicals.
So overall, not drying (for me anyway), no crumbling, comfortable to wear, takes a bit to set as matte,  does not budge, and has no scent.

The Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks
Top to Bottom: Frick n Frack, Dopey and Spritz
Much like the Ultra Mattes, I absolutely love these, but I do like the mattes more. Though they are not considered matte, they do dry down like a matte, but not to the extent. Does that even make sense? Basically they dry down, but also leave a nice soft feel on the lips. At first, while you're waiting for them to dry down, they do tend to feel pretty sticky, but they apply evenly and when you press your lips together, they don't come off patchy at all, but they do however transfer, because it isn't a matte finish.
Everything else that was mentioned in the Ultra Mattes review basically goes for this one too.
So overall, not matte but dries down like one but to an extent, soft on the lips, a little uncomfortable to wear (I prefer the ultra mattes), a little sticky for a while, applies evenly and not streaky, not patchy but does transfer.

The Lippie Stix
Top to bottom: Contempo, Polite Society and Lumiere
Let's start off with the packaging. It comes in a white tube with the shade of your product on the bottom along with the name. It's a wind-up lipstick, with the actual shade and product cut on a slant for easier application. Thumbs up for that!
Now the lippie stix I bought are all matte, but I do believe they also come in glossy, sheer, creme and satin, so you have choices on how you want the finishes of these lippie stix to be.
Because these are matte, I thought they would be pretty drying, but they are actually quite creamy and deliciously easy to apply and wear. I'm obsessed and I know I need to get myself more!
So overall, super creamy, comfortable to wear, and not drying.

The Lippie Pencil
Top to bottom: Lumiere, Frick n Frack and Dopey
I've got to say, these are almost identical to Kylie Jenner's lipliner in her lip kit but just packaged in white instead of black. These lipliners are amazing. So creamy, so pigmented and so easy to apply!
I'm not much of a lip pencil fiend, but after seeing how amazing these are, I'm hopping on that bandwagon.
So overall, very creamy and easy to apply.

The Highlighters
Top to bottom: Highly Waisted, Wisp and Lunch Money
I am so obsessed with highlighters lately. I'm one of those girls who you can easily distract with shiny things. Love me some glitter and shimmer! These beauties are no exception. They are so darn beautiful!
It comes in a singular white container, where you twist off the lid to get access to the product. Perfectly compact for your makeup bag and travelling. They give you so much of the product in the pan, it makes the price look absurd for being such a steal.
The highlighters are beautiful shimmers, with such a nice texture which is a pearlised finish. When I swatched it with my finger, the pigment literally melted onto my finger and just stuck. It's soooo creamy and pigmented, but still sort of a powder, yet a cream. Wow that was confusing. Hoping that made sense, if not, I'm sorry.
I highly highly highly recommend getting some of their highlighters because I absolutely love them so much.
So overal, beautiful pigmented, sooo creamy and soft, and definitely buildable.

The Blushes
Top to bottom: Cheerio, Prenup and Birthday Suit
Much like the highlighters, these are absolutely beautiful. I did however find that I couldn't use my everyday blush brush as it wasn't properly picking the shade up, but Colourpop suggests using a flat synthetic brush which makes it work perfectly and helps build up the coverage.
The blushes come in two different finishes: matte and satin. All of the blushes I received today were satin, so I may want to try mattes after my next order arrives, because I actually don't think I have any blushes with a matte finish. However, the satins are absolutely stunning and glide on so nicely (when using the right brush.)
Like the highlighters, they're sooo creamy and just melt into your skin. I found that they weren't as pigmented when I first swatched them, so I had to apply it twice onto my hand, but then again, I don't think anyone wants a harshly pigmented blush anyway, so I think they're a perfect added rosiness to the cheeks.
So overall, a little sheer, but very builable, very creamy, melts into skin, and is a little difficult to pick up with an ordinary blush brush.

And voila! This concludes my Colourpop Cosmetics swatch and review.
Hopefully you guys found this helpful if you were planning on making an order sometime soon.
One thing I can say for sure is that they definitely live up to the hype, and are worth the 3 weeks wait.
There's a wide colour selection which makes the ordering process so overwhelming because you'll just want to shove everything into your cart, but I suggest watching YouTube videos of swatches to get a better idea on what colours are good and especially what suits your skin tone.
The only thing that sucks is, of course, the enormous shipping price.
But other than that, everything definitely exceeded my expectations and I'm so excited to have more of a play around with everything I got.

Let me know if you're planning on making an order soon, and what you're getting! I would love to know x

Filled with love,
Danica xo

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