At 23: Birthday Haul

Hi loves,
Oh gosh, am I really 23 years old already? It's funny how life manages to get ahead without you even really realising. It felt like just another birthday for me but my family and friends had another thing in mind. Although I didn't have a proper celebration, what my boyfriend and son had planned was just what I needed. Head over to my Instagram and Twitter (@danicasarza) if you want to see what went on throughout the day!
Although today, as the title already clearly states, I'm bringing to you a birthday haul of all of the beautiful gifts I was lucky enough to receive from the people who I'm so grateful to have in my life.
So, let's finally get started!


Technically a Mother's Day present from my parents, this coat is too pretty not to include and considering Mum's Day was THE DAY right after my actual birthday, it still counts!
I've had my eye on this coat for a few weeks now, and mum happened to come across it and knew that this was exactly my style. Mother knows best, they always say, and I agree because this coat is gorgeous!

Clearly my parents got the memo that I quite fancy the colour pink, and how could they not, they raised me and mum basically sprinkled pink into my everyday life as I was growing up. But this Mimco pouch is an absolute beauty, and has been on my wishlist for pretty much ever now. It's big enough for a wallet, but small enough for a pouch - so perfect to put into my bag when I'm going out shopping or to lunch, or as a clutch/pouch when I go out for drinks or a night event. I'm in love!


Either it was a wild guess, or they know how much I love Sex and the City and Miss Carrie Bradshaw herself, but this perfume gift set had my jaw on the ground. The packaging of the box is so beautiful, chic and pink! Definitely off to a great start, and then you open it up and the products inside are just stunning. Simple bottle design, but would still look so pretty sitting on your vanity. The scent is so sweet and feminine - definitely me. It was certainly an unexpected present, but very much appreciated.

Whenever I'm at the shops, I always walk past those little stalls where they do personalised mugs, phone cases, shirts, etc (you get the gist), and always wanted to try them, but I just never had the time to stop, pick a photo and go there and get one done. Well, thanks to my in-law family, I now don't have to! They got these awesome mugs with photos I actually absolutely adore - and how did they know that I love mugs, I don't even know?!


Every year, without fail, my incredible sister-friend (used the term 'sister' because I've basically known her since I was 5, and 'friend' because we're not actually related, but yknow) brings me a thoughtful little gift the day before my actual birthday. The last two years it had been macarons, but this year, she decided to change it up a bit and delivered beautiful and delicious delicate chocolates - yummy! They're almost too pretty to eat, but I'm sure once my sweet tooth cravings start coming in after dinner, these will be demolished.


Okay, funny story, my best friend had come over about an hour and a half before midnight to drop off my gift (because her boyfriend's birthday is actually the exact same day as mine!), and to both of our surprises, the eyeshadow palette she was super excited to gift me was the exact same palette my boyfriend had already bought me for my birthday! HAHA - I guess I'm either truly predictable or my bestie and boyfriend just know me so well, but obviously do not communicate *laughing emoji* Anyway, she ended up keeping the eyeshadow palette for herself (and why wouldn't she, it's actually so perfect!) and got me the Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette which, as soon as I saw it, thought that it was so me in eyeshadow palette form! This has actually been on my makeup wishlist for a while, so the fact that my best friend got it for me makes it that much more special as it is my first ever Naked palette!! But the palette was not the only gift from her, she brought me roses and the Mario Badescu facial spray that everyone's been raving on about, and that I have apparently been using wrong - oops! Thank you, thank you, thank you bestie!!!


Lipliner from left to right: Soar & Spice
Lipsticks on top from left to right: Mehr & Velvet Teddy
Lipsticks on bottom from left to right: Captive & Whirl

Liquid lipsticks from top to bottom: Cheap Thrills, Bianca & Molly

Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in Cool Girl

Too Faced Cocoa Contour Kit

I've been at my current job for a little over two years now and I had the pleasure of working with some of the best people I've actually ever met. It's quite funny because we've all lived in roughly the same areas and have probably attended the same parties or run into each other at the shops at some point in our lives, but it took working with the same company for us to finally talk and become friends, and I'm actually so considerably glad!
All we ever really talk about is makeup or clothes, so I wasn't surprised when I opened up the bag and found some of my favourite brands/products inside of it *cue happy dance*
Now obviously the Too Faced melted matte liquid lipsticks haven't been released in Australia yet, but one of my annoying lovely workmates had recently taken a trip over to the U.S. and thankfully, they had them in stock! *praise emoji* All of these are perfect, so thank you thank you girls!!! (You know who you are, so this is your shoutout haha)


So thankful my younger brother works a few stores down from Sephora because that meant a gift card was in the works for me. You know how boys are, they'd rather let you pick the gift rather than spending X amount of dollars on a gift you'd probably never use or just return. So, I'm glad my brother decided to get me a Sephora gift card, and a loaded one at that! Now what to spend it on?....


Technically my older brother got me a Mecca Maxima gift card, but I was too keen to get the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons eyeshadow palette, so let's pretend like he got me this instead, k? Cool!
I've been watching reviews and I've only ever heard great things about this palette. I'm so excited to play around with all of these beautiful colours (like, woof - look at that hot pink that will probably never be touched ever so I'm so sorry Totally Fetch) because I'm in love with my Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette as is, so I can't imagine how much more I'll love this one.


I know birthdays aren't just about materialistic items because my two boys did take me to a lovely day at the beach and to a beautiful night in the city for dinner and fireworks on the day of my birthday, so these birthday presents are just a superb added bonus - and I'm deeply obsessed with every one of them. Every single one of these palettes have been on my lust wish list for some time now, and the fact that my boyfriend surprised me and ended up getting all of them makes me feel like the luckiest lady in the world!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette

Too Faced Natural Matte eyeshadow palette

Tartelette In Bloom eyeshadow palette

The Tartelette In Bloom palette was the gift my best friend had actually gotten for me too, but my boyfriend had already purchased and wrapped it up for me as a gift from himself! I still find it so funny that the two people who know me best managed to get the same gift for me, haha!

Stila Eyes are the Window eyeshadow palette

So, there you have it. My birthday haul for 2016, and at 23 years old, I apparently have had a makeup meltdown because I've probably bought the entirety of Sephora and Mecca combined (okay, a major exaggeration but I'm sure you get what I mean.)
Now although gifts and presents are great, remember that materialistic things are just that. What matters on your birthday is, of course, the people who have been there for you for another year of your life. You deserved to be spoilt rotten with gifts, but more so in being showered with love from the best you love and care about most. That's the greatest gift you could ever receive.

I am so incredibly thankful for everyone who gifted me these unnecessary, but so very thoughtful and appreciated presents. I'm blessed to have every single one of you in my life, and I hope you know just how much I appreciate you all. Thank you, and I love you!

Hope you enjoyed this birthday haul.
Filled with love,
Danica xo


  1. Your birthday makeup birthday haul is to die for! I'm really in love with your Mac shades and eye palettes. Anyways, I maybe few days late but belated happy mother's day to you and so cute how our birthdays are just next to each other. Belated happy birthday to you too! xx

    1. I'm terribly late with my reply, but thank you so much for the greetings! x