Plaid to the Bone

Hi loves,
{So just quietly, I accidentally forgot to post this outfit last year before I cut my hair, so just be aware, no, I did not get hair extensions, because to be honest, I don't even miss my long hair at all!}
I confess to having a wee-bit of a beauty addiction lately. I'm amazed at how much I'm loving makeup lately because I used to be so afraid of it. Afraid of how I'd look and afraid of what people would say. But the beautiful thing about the beauty community is nobody judges, just genuinely helps. It becomes encouraging, unlike the style community.
We're always being told to "make sure your style is the most you it can get" but then we're constantly being judged on what we wear, how we look, and who we choose to dress ourselves in.
Once you've finally found what you feel comfortable in, and love to put together, you suddenly get shot down and called "boring" and "plain" when you didn't even ask for their opinion, and were simply just being you.

I guess the reason I've been so reluctant on posting outfits lately is because I'm tired of constantly being put down for my wardrobe choices. My style is for me. I'm aware that I post photos of my outfits on the internet for the world to judge, but at the same time, it's purely based on the fact that I want others to feel inspired to dress in whatever the hell they want, and to write about whatever the hell they want. One quote about style that's always stuck with me is "style isn't what designer you're wearing or how much money you have, but how you put things together and wear yourself." And one thing that I've always done with my style is made sure it was something I put together that I absolutely loved and most importantly felt my most comfortable in.

I've never let the fact that I don't have 6-digits in my bank account stop me from enjoying the perks of fashion. Frankly, I don't think you should let your income affect the way you play around with your style. My favourite style icons know how to integrate high fashion with high street and affordable. Now I admit I probably will never own Saint Laurent, or Dior or Chanel in my own personal closet, but I'm always going to be trying to make sure my style is as me as possible and that I'm simply happy in what I'm wearing. Money doesn't create great style; you do.

Don't ever let anyone tell you how to style yourself. Styling should be something fun, and something for you. I find that it's a step into self-love and a boosted self esteem. Who doesn't feel great in an outfit they absolutely adore?

The fashion community has changed, considering Forever 21 once was the "it" store, and now it's considered one of the "sh*t" stores. I think people forget that trends come and go, so buying affordable pieces during the trends is rather responsible. But splurging on staples and basics is a definite thumbs up!

I guess in fashion there are rules, but rules are meant to be broken, especially in this case.
But just remember that whilst praise feels great and all on your recent model-inspired Instagram outfit pic, being yourself feels even better. The only reassurance you need is from yourself. Stop looking for it from other people who don't even know you besides from your internet personality, and start accepting yourself for what you love and who you are.
It took me a while to figure that out and to let it take affect into my life.

Photography by: Pauline Nicole

Pink fluffy high-neck crop top by Chicabooti; Pink checkered knit mini-skirt by Paper Scissors; Nude and black point heels by New Look; Blush 'Prada Saffiano' inspired bag by Forever New; Single gold and pearl bangle by Missguided; Double pearl ring by Lovisa

Filled with love,
Danica xo

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