How-To: Get Through a Sick Day

Hi loves,
As the cold and flu season nears, and the seasons change abruptly, many people tend to get sick. With that said, I've been continuously sick for the past two weeks, and I guess I figured out some helpful tips on how to get through those dreadful days when you're bedridden and glued to Netflix.
Some of you may think these are generic tips that everyone already knows, but hear me out.
I hope if you're having a sick day/week, some of these tips help you in feeling better! It sure did it for me 

First thing's first, jump into your pyjamas and get comfortable - you'll be in them all day. You won't be going anywhere besides the kitchen and the bathroom, so you don't have to look cute for that. And trust me, don't bother trying to look cute, it doesn't help at all when you're feeling like absolute rubbish.

Stock up on those cough lollies, cold & flu tablets, and tissues; you're most definitely going to need them.
My favourite cough lollies are the Original VapoDrops which you can get at Woolies, Coles or Big W or Target! They work wonders for me, but just watch out, they tend to make you feel drowsy almost immediately.
The Vicks Inhaler is also magical if you have a blocked nose, and if you're tired of hearing your nose whistle every time you try to breathe. You just place this under your nose, breathe in, and your nose will instantly clear up... For a few minutes... So do it again... And again!
A tissue box is a basic necessity. I don't know how you're sick in bed, and not already halfway through your tissue box. I don't think I even have to go on... Come on guys...

Cancel all of your plans for the day and rest up! You may think you can go out and do your day-to-day activities whilst sick, but then again, you could be wrong. And you most certainly are. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go out whilst you are sick. In most cases, this will just make it worse. Go through your planner, and do what it takes to cancel everything you have planned for the day because it's crucial that you get your rest, and stay indoors all day to help yourself rest up.

Make your bed as comfortable as possible. Even when you're not sick, your bed should be the most comfortable place for your body to rest on. It's so important and a vital tip for life in general. Having an uncomfortable sleep can cause stress to your mind and body. So double up on those super soft pillows and get the fluffiest quilt you can find. You can thank me later.

Make yourself some tea; I find that black tea with your preferred amount of fresh lemon citrus and honey works best for me when I'm feeling like my throat is really dry; my nose is feeling runny; my eyes are heavy, and my head feels like it's being sat on by an elephant. I don't know precisely what the honey and lemon do, but hey, if it works, I'm not complaining. So if you're willing to, just try this odd recipe, and see what it does for you. Let me know if it works for you too!

Sleeping is essential to feeling better when you're under the weather. This is so brutal and important. Sometimes your brain just needs to rest, so make sure you take advantage of being in bed and sleep the day away.

In addition to staying in bed all day, include binge-watching your favourite TV shows. Once you've had a nap, you're going to wake up and feel like doing something, for me, watching my favourite TV shows is a perfect past-time while I'm sick. I suggest not watching Pretty Little Liars as that can cause stress on your mind (on mine, it does anyway), but anything else that can make you giggle a bit will be the perfect past-time. May I suggest some Friends re-runs?

Try and stay off your phone/social media - Focusing all of that energy into resting your mind when you can without being disturbed is super helpful. Your phone/social media can definitely interrupt that peace you're trying to get. Take the occasional scroll through, but don't spend more than 10 minutes on your phone while you're trying to get better.
Check up on emails, see what everyone's up to on Snapchat, have a quick scroll through Instagram, then put it away, and read a book until you doze off.

Sometimes eating things like chicken noodles or soup can be highly beneficial for you. Not only is the warmth of the soup good for your throat, it's light on your tummy too. When you're sick, your digestive system becomes interrupted and a little disfigured. Take it easy, and lay off the oily and greasy foods. A piece of toast and some soup or noodles are what the doctor orders.

Pineapple juice has a ton of vitamins which can help you feel great again, almost instantly! I kid you not, when I wasn't feeling well, my dad came home with some pineapple juice, and told me to drink some of it as he claimed it contained a ton of vitamins which were good for you and would help you get back on your feet much quicker. I was feeling so under the weather by then, I didn't care what I had to eat or drink to feel better. But within 20-30 minutes after drinking a whole cup, I swear, I was feeling 80% better! Now it's not 100% because I still had that sore throat and runny nose, but my body felt so much more energised and rejuvenated.

Filled with love,
Danica xo

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