January Favourites

Hi loves,
And with a blink of an eye, January has ended, and we're already mid-way through February. It's like 2015 all over again - just flashing by without a trace, whilst every other month creeps up on you from around the corner.
So, how do I sum up January in a few words or less? Let's see...
Crazy. Summer. Full. Of. Packing. And. Moving. Houses.
Of course, it was quite nice to spend majority of the month packing and moving houses because it's extraordinarily cleansing. I sure got rid of a lot of junk I had lying around. But at the same time, it's utterly stressing, for no reason, just in general.

Whilst January was focused on moving houses, I also made January the month I accepted a challenge from myself for myself. I called it The No-Spending Ban. It speaks for itself but if you want a brief description, it basically meant I couldn't spend a cent on myself, fashion and beauty-wise. It was a necessity for me to buy lunch during work because a person's gotta eat, but also I had to use my money on basic necessities of living; groceries, my son's school stuff, bills, etc. It only made sense for me to ban shopping for clothes or makeup because they were materialistic items which weren't totally necessary to my everyday living considering I have SO MANY already.
I can proudly say I successfully completed that challenge, and hope to do it again soon. But for now, hit me with those sales, stat!

Anyway, here it goes, my January Favourites...


First up is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette. I got this in December, but it just seemed appropriate to include it in my January Favourites since I've been using it every. Single. Day. It's perfect in all it's natural being, and makes me look like a shining goddess. It's quite a wad of cash, but to be perfectly honest, for the quality and quantity of product you get, it's damn worth every cent.
Go on and get it. Let it highlight your soul. That's how good it is.

Another product bought back in December, but it's appropriate because essie's Mamba was the only shade on my nails throughout the entire month. It's the perfect nude with a hint of pink.
Working in retail, your hands are seen constantly when working the registers, and I gotta tell ya, I got so many compliments while wearing this. I highly recommend getting your hands on this beauty of a shade.


Worn out to the extreme, these white Converse sneakers have been battered and torn all through January. During the move, all of our shoes from the shoe cupboard were put into various boxes, then delivered into the garage. Now you see, the garage is a mess, (I almost lost Ethan in there), so for all of January, the only shoes I was living with were my Havianas and these babies.


What kind of Favourites post would this be if I didn't include what I've been craving lately? Not a worthy one, I gotta say. I love going through Favourites posts to find new food to try and see if I'll like them just as much as my favourite bloggers do. What's even better is when they include their favourite spots to eat at. It makes it that much more accessible for us.
Currently, korean barbeque is the bomb dot com! I've been unnecessarily craving their cheesy corn so often, and my boyfriend can vouch for that, but because I have such an incredible man in my life, he knows when I need my cravings satisfied.


Before December, I'd never been to a single concert. But all that changed between the end of November till now. I've now been to four concerts in the span of two months, and I've officially been bitten by the music bug. The atmosphere is so great, and surprisingly, the people aren't too bad either. You're all there for the same reason, which is your interest and love for the performer you're seeing. Music has never ever sounded better. Oh my god. {By the way, William Singe smells as good as he looks - check out my Instagram page to see the pic of me and him during the Meet & Greets}


On to the random section, first up is my favourite photo editing app on the iPhone. Maybe just double-check to see if you can get this on Android because at this point, I'm not too certain. But nevertheless, this app is so great, and yes, I have tried using VSCO, but I'm not too fond of it. I very much like Afterlight and Picfx a lot more. To me, it's easier to use; purely straight-forward, and it has a lot more variety when it comes to filters. It's not just different colours or lighting, it's got textures, which can be fun to play around with. Download it now and have a little fiddle with the fun filters!

Officeworks has always been my sort of happy place. Ever since I was a little girl, I absolutely loved going school stuff shopping; getting a new pencil case and filling it up with new pens, pencils, post-its, etc. But ever since I've finished school, and finished college, I haven't really had any reason to go in or anything. But that changed this year. Considering Ethan's in 2nd grade, and Henry's begun full-time teaching, we had to go into Officeworks for school stuff shopping *yaaaay* and of course, I wanted to tag along.
Well, whilst I was there, I found some cute storage for my important papers and what not.
These large pink envelopes are a dreaaaam. The colour is perfect. The style is perfect. The size is perfect. I'm just very pleased with them. It beats boring old folders!

Hope you enjoyed this Favourites post. I quite like rallying up all of the stuff I enjoyed throughout the month. It's like a keepsake for the month of January. Woah, hang on, that was really lame. Forget that last bit.

Filled with love,

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