Swatches: Barry M Palettes

Hi loves,
Let's be real, I don't know much about eyeshadow, so for me to be reviewing these palettes is kind of insane, but I just want to give my two cents for those who are contemplating buying these products.
With each palette costing just under $20 each, it's a real steal for what you're getting. Although cardboard isn't my favourite material when it comes to packaging for palettes, it makes it easy to carry around as it is super lightweight, and easily compact so it becomes conveniently easy to throw into your purse when on-the-go. But you don't have to worry about it spilling all over your bag and getting onto all of your possessions because the palettes are secured with a magnetic fastening.

So if you're now interested in a beauty-clueless gal's opinion on these products, keep on reading...

I've heard numerous rave reviews regarding Barry M cosmetics. Granted, I'd only heard about the lipsticks and nail polishes, but I saw the eyeshadow palettes at Big W and couldn't help but grab them to try them out.


January Favourites

Hi loves,
And with a blink of an eye, January has ended, and we're already mid-way through February. It's like 2015 all over again - just flashing by without a trace, whilst every other month creeps up on you from around the corner.
So, how do I sum up January in a few words or less? Let's see...
Crazy. Summer. Full. Of. Packing. And. Moving. Houses.
Of course, it was quite nice to spend majority of the month packing and moving houses because it's extraordinarily cleansing. I sure got rid of a lot of junk I had lying around. But at the same time, it's utterly stressing, for no reason, just in general.

Whilst January was focused on moving houses, I also made January the month I accepted a challenge from myself for myself. I called it The No-Spending Ban. It speaks for itself but if you want a brief description, it basically meant I couldn't spend a cent on myself, fashion and beauty-wise. It was a necessity for me to buy lunch during work because a person's gotta eat, but also I had to use my money on basic necessities of living; groceries, my son's school stuff, bills, etc. It only made sense for me to ban shopping for clothes or makeup because they were materialistic items which weren't totally necessary to my everyday living considering I have SO MANY already.
I can proudly say I successfully completed that challenge, and hope to do it again soon. But for now, hit me with those sales, stat!

Anyway, here it goes, my January Favourites...


First up is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette. I got this in December, but it just seemed appropriate to include it in my January Favourites since I've been using it every. Single. Day. It's perfect in all it's natural being, and makes me look like a shining goddess. It's quite a wad of cash, but to be perfectly honest, for the quality and quantity of product you get, it's damn worth every cent.
Go on and get it. Let it highlight your soul. That's how good it is.


Be My Valentine

Hi loves,
Happy love day!
Love, love, love. One of the most incredible things you can ever experience in life.
Now, I don't want to get sappy, and start reciting poems and what not, but I love seeing just how happy couples, and people in general, get during Valentine's Day.

Today, I'm celebrating my 10th Valentine's Day with my boyfriend. Funny thing is though, all we want to do is cuddle up in bed, under the air-conditioning, and watch Netflix till we fall asleep. It's not really different to how we normally do things, but whatever, after 10 years, you get comfortable, and being together is all that really matters on this day.

I originally had planned to do gift guides for V-Day, but I ran out of time (as per yoush) and I realised I haven't posted an outfit yet this 2016, so voila!

Definitely one of my most loved and favourite outfits, so it's perfectly fitting for this day.


Welcome 2016

Hi loves,
So 2016 has started off quite nuts. Between the beginning of December till now, here at our residence, we have been in home-limbo. Mostly everything is in packed boxes, awaiting to be unpacked (no one's had time to do some grocery shopping, even though ironically enough, mum works at a supermarket) but right now we're living off of dry-toast and take-out = not good for our health.

But other than that, it's been a great Summer.
We'd done everything you could possibly imagine to keep entertained: outside and off the iPad/PlayStation! It was really important for my boyfriend and I to dedicate a lot of our time to Ethan while he was on school holidays, and I know I always seem to have a valid excuse for being absent for weeks at a time, but even though I'm a blogger, I'm a full-time mum and girlfriend too, and they will always come before my blogging life, #sorrynotsorry, but I'm sure most of you understand that.

Ethan's gone back to school and is already excelling at second grade (my six-year-old was told by his new teacher that if he wants, he can start reading year 3-4 books because he's done so well with the K-2 books {don't mind me as I sit here frozen because how is it possible that I've raised such a clever little boy?!}), it's not possible that I gave birth to such a smart kid. I'm so happy for him, and so so proud of all he's already achieved. Henry and I were certainly blessed!

But whilst I've been spending some quality time with my own little family, I've managed to begin feeling inspired and excited over what's to come on Heart, Style & Grace in 2016!!!
I've got so much new content planned, and some currently in the works, which is surprisingly calming me down and keeping me busily focused.

The beginning of the year usually feels like a clean slate, but for some reason, for me, it felt like last year's stress and struggles seemed to follow me right into the new year. I was feeling suffocated, and I felt like no one could help me out of this mess but me. But already, we're in February, and I've learnt that it's a-okay to ask for help sometimes. You're not alone and there's ALWAYS someone there to lend a helping hand, if you just ask for it.

See, 2016 is going to be a great year. No matter what obstacles you come across, you will overcome them. Happier and prouder of yourself.

Outfit Photography by: Pauline Nicole

Sunflower print tee by delia*s; Blue denim shorts with white crochet detailing by TEMT; White casual sneakers by Target; 'More Issues Than Vogue' watch by Lovisa; Ring by Icing Jewellry

~ Here are a few snapshots of random things* from our Summer ~
*mainly food

 photo LIFE-06_zpsw68zlmrm.png photo LIFE-08_zpscywdup7f.png photo LIFE-07_zpscx6eb152.png photo LIFE-05_zpskbumxr91.png

 photo LIFE-02_zps4uhllwtm.png photo LIFE-16_zpswmexpiy9.png photo LIFE-15_zpscb5q095j.png photo LIFE-13_zpsoj4mlmyf.png

 photo LIFE-14_zpsg8e8tx9l.png photo LIFE-01_zpsuxfioctc.png photo LIFE-03_zpsjadg1mey.png photo LIFE-12_zpspwaxzh4v.png

 photo LIFE-11_zpskgps0dak.png photo LIFE-17_zpsald62zcd.png photo LIFE-09_zpsfjmbln2o.png photo LIFE-04_zpshyxcppqp.png
Filled with love,
Danica xo

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