October Favourites

Hi loves,
If I could describe what I've been up to lately in one word, I would say it's been very "busy." I feel like every time I talk to you guys, I'm raving on about how busy I've gotten, but it's a natural part of life and growing up. Time slips away but the list of things that need to be done just grows and grows; practically never-ending.
So because I don't want to ramble on about how busy I've been (and I'm sure you'll just roll your eyes the entire way through), let's just jump into this month's favourites.



September Favourites

Hi loves,
September was a spectacular month for me. Realising what I want out of my career, and heading towards the right direction in my life, I felt unstoppable. I felt happy again. I lost my job of over two years in July and was on an instant downward spiral of uncertainty and sadness. I didn't know what I wanted, what I was doing and where I was going. But now, I feel so much more optimistic about my future and I can tell that the positivity is shining within what I'm doing everyday.
To top off a great month, my boyfriend of ten years and father of my only son finally proposed to me, asking me to marry him. Everyday I literally feel like I'm on a cloud because of how happy I am these days. I finally realised that happiness is a feeling, not a destination, and I'm okay with that. As Julian Baker in One Tree Hill said to Brooke Davis, "Happiness is not a destination. It is a mood, it is not permanent. It comes and goes and if people thought that way then maybe people would find happiness more often." And I can positively say I have found happiness so much more lately. In big things, in little things, in every aspect of my life.

So without further ado, here are a few things that made me happy throughout September.
I hope you all find inner peace and happiness someday.



Heart Style Grace

Hi loves,
Long time no outfits. It feels so incredibly great to be back with styling outfits, shooting them and then editing. Although I did notice that I'm also back to being super awkward in front of the camera, and that's something I need to work towards again, but I'm just glad to be back to doing something I actually really enjoy.

Not only is it fun to play around in my closet and style outfits, but my love for photography comes peeking through as I go through every photo. In a way, I instantly feel so much better about myself. Personally, I think it's so important to stay connected to the things you love. They're the things that keep you motivated and inspired.

I mean, every woman goes through a period in their lives where their confidence and self esteem can sink down to their lowest. I have to be honest, my low points were at their peak most recently and it took a lot of self motivation and, in the wise words of Kylie Jenner, realising things and figuring things out to get me where I am today. Nobody's perfect, so I'm not admitting that I've totally got everything down and perfected, but I'm in the process of getting there, and it feels amazing to be happy with and within myself.

Styling outfits and photographing them always gave a little boost to my self confidence, so I'm really glad I'm re-connecting with my love for fashion. It's been a long time since the last time I appreciated styling this much. Hoping for so many more consistent outfit posts.


How-To: Tell What Your Breakouts Mean

Hi loves,
After reading profoundly on breakouts and how to determine what kind of inner disruption is causing its outbreak, I found it really fascinating how the location of each zit has a particular cause behind it, and the idea occurred to me that it might help some of you out there figure out the frustrating mystery of the p i m p l e !


August Favourites

I'm the type of girl to rarely try anything new because she's so content with her all-time favourites. So you can imagine my surprise that I've lasted this long with finding new things to love every month. I've found myself finding the beauty in the smallest things, and I personally think that's the great thing in these types of posts. Not only do we share what we adore throughout the month, but you get a sense on why they've deserved a spot in our list of keepers.
Well, without further ado, let's stop the rambling and get into what I fancied this month..


Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour Swatches + Review

Hi loves,
This product has been living in my beauty collection for a few weeks now. I really wanted to make sure my review was as accurate as possible, and in order to do that, I had to get a few wears out of it. Now this liquid lipstick has an oddly satisfying look for packaging. Because of its distinct packaging difference, the product itself will draw you in and intent your curiosity. As you can tell, I was four times as curious as anyone.
So if you're interested in knowing how these went, read on!


Too Faced Melted Matte in Cool Girl: Swatch + Review

Hi loves,
My deepest apologies for the ultimately delayed upbringing of this post. I'm aware that the release on meccamaxima.com.au is happening at 8.30am tomorrow, which is why even though I'm still recovering from a painful case of tonsillitis and a mild flu, I wanted to make sure I tried my best to get this review up before tomorrow so you guys had an idea on what the product was like before blowing your bucks on them! They will retail at Mecca Maxima (online and in store starting from tomorrow, August 23rd) for $31 a shade.
So if you're still with me, let's get right into the review..


July Favourites

So much has happened in the month of July, I almost completely forgot to create a Favourites post. But to be honest, creating these Monthly Favourites posts are what keeps me inspired when it comes to blogging. Thinking of different ways I can shoot items that I've coveted in the last month keeps my creative juices flowing and fresh.
Well, with that said, let's take a look into my favourites for the month.


My Everyday Makeup Routine

Hi loves,
I've never actually done a post like this before, so I'm pretty excited to talk a little about my everyday makeup routine tonight. After testing out numerous products, I've found these work best for me, so I want to share it with you all. Now I'm sure this post would be easier in video form, but I'm still not so confident in front of the camera, so yes, I did try filming this, but it was TERRIBLE.


My Little Darling

Hi loves,
I've put fashion on the back burner a bit lately just because I've been getting myself into all of this beauty. Learning and experimenting with makeup has just been so much fun, and I feel like the beauty community is so much more uplifting than the fashion community.
I realised I hadn't posted this outfit, and I went back and forth on deciding whether I should upload it because so much about me has changed since this was shot. In the end, I decided it was best to upload this considering I really do love this outfit, and thought it still represents my current style.
Also, partly because I've cleaned out my closet and half of the items pictured below have been removed from said closet.


BYS Velvet Lips: Swatches + Review

Hi loves,
During an errand run, before I could quickly zoom past Gloss like I normally do, I actually stopped, took a little peek in, and spotted these new girls. My heart has a soft spot for pink and lipsticks. Now whilst these look good and are respectively inexpensive, I hadn't heard anyone talking about these, so I thought I would start the conversation.


June Favourites

I've got to be honest, June was the month I kind of got lost into my TV shows. I began and finished Awkward, I caught up on Suits, and I re-watched Teen Mom OG. There was just something about digesting my everything into these fictional characters and their stories. Well, whilst I was getting lost in a world that only exists in online fan-fictions, I still managed the time to curate a list of this month's favourites of various sorts.
Enough small talk, let's get right into it!


NYX Lip Lingerie: Review + Swatches

Hi loves,
By now, you would have heard that NYX Cosmetics is finally releasing their Lip Lingerie matte liquid lipsticks down under, and the excitement for this is so huge; everyone wants to get their hands on this entire collection.
No, this isn't a sponsored post, but I've got a wonderful aunt who lives in America and she so kindly let me order these and have them mailed to her house, where she then had them forwarded to me; all because I couldn't wait until July 16th, and I'm so glad I didn't wait.
For my review and swatches, read on...


MAC Lipstick Collection

Hi loves,
Despite constantly adding more to my collection, I was finally able to control myself, which is why this post is happening right now, because I guarantee you, after this goes up, there will be more additions *someone help me*
As you can tell from the title, this is my collection of MAC lipsticks in several finishes.
From a young teenage age, MAC lipsticks were at the top of every one of my birthday and Christmas wishlists. It was the go-to lipstick brand that everyone loved, and I had to have a piece of that pie.
I started my collection with my first MAC lipstick in 2011, and the love grew from there.
But instead of me recounting every MAC lipstick's origin into my beauty collection, how about we get into the individual lippies themselves below?


May Favourites

A totally jam-packed month, as expected considering it was mine and Ethan's birthday this month, I'm surprised I don't have a lot more favourites in this post. I've gotta say, it's getting more and more difficult to pick my favourites every month since I'm the type of girl to get into a routine and use the same things on a daily basis. These posts should really be called, "I recently remembered I owned these things." But I feel like May Favourites has a nicer ring to it...


Colourpop Cosmetics Haul

Hi loves,
Purchased during the 20% off flash sale, taking four weeks to arrive on my door step, I finally have these beautiful colours in my super excited hands, and so today, I'm coming to you with a Colourpop haul.
Enough babbling, let's finally get on to the haul;


Real Techniques Bold Metals eBay Dupes

Hi loves,
I'm not 100% certain on the rules, but I saw a bunch of photos of these brushes making their rounds all over a Makeup Group on Facebook. I noticed that it was the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection set, and I became envious. How dare they flaunt their luckiness and wealth in affording these disgustingly overpriced makeup brushes! Only, I was close to finding out that these girls had only good intentions to share a special secret: these were the realistic as sh*t dupes!!!


Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit: Exposed & Koko K Swatches

Hi loves,
I never really intended on purchasing more of the Kylie Lip Kits as I was quite satisfied with the shades I'd already received. I saw that she released her newest matte shade, but I knew it was going to be quite difficult to get, so I held off on purchasing. Little did I know, my incredibly sweet boyfriend ordered it for me, alongside Koko K (which he previous had heard me talking about wanting), which brings me to today's post!


Room Tour

Hi loves,
I don't think I've ever actually done a room tour on here before. Maybe because my room has never been up to par, but since we've moved houses, it's given me an opportunity to do a massive clean out of everything I own and now my room has never looked better. I'm actually so proud of it.
There are still a few things I want to tweak and add, so I may do an updated room tour after I've properly organised everything. But for now, I'm pretty happy with the turnout, so let's get started!


April Favourites

Hi loves,
I confess that I struggled to put together my favourites for April. I honestly believe that April didn't happen because it quite literally just flew by. Either I've had a lot going on, or it just didn't occur to me that we're already halfway through May. But don't worry, I managed to round up a few of my favourites from April. So, here we go!



At 23: Birthday Haul

Hi loves,
Oh gosh, am I really 23 years old already? It's funny how life manages to get ahead without you even really realising. It felt like just another birthday for me but my family and friends had another thing in mind. Although I didn't have a proper celebration, what my boyfriend and son had planned was just what I needed. Head over to my Instagram and Twitter (@danicasarza) if you want to see what went on throughout the day!
Although today, as the title already clearly states, I'm bringing to you a birthday haul of all of the beautiful gifts I was lucky enough to receive from the people who I'm so grateful to have in my life.
So, let's finally get started!



Colourpop Cosmetics: Swatches + Review

Hi loves,
Okay, I kid you not, I was taking a well-deserved nap today after writing up four new drafts of upcoming blog posts (stay tuned!), but the second I heard our 'Under the Sea' themed doorbell ring, I quite literally jumped out of bed and sprinted towards my front door (my room is all the way at the back of the house, so you can imagine how out of breath I was when the delivery guy saw me.)

I was so excited that my Colourpop Cosmetics package had finally arrived!!!! Delivery was almost at 3 weeks, but I noticed some other girls around my area getting their orders within a week? That doesn't matter anymore though, because they are here, and looking stunning!

I've been meaning to make this huge Colourpop order for a while now, so when I finally had some disposable income, I made sure to splurge and treat myself as an early birthday gift. Considering the shipping prices are so exremely ridiculous for Australians, I suggest making your order as big as possible to make it worth it.

Now let's finally get on to the good stuff; the swatches and reviews!


Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

Hi loves,
As you know, Mother's Day in Australia is exactly a week away, so you have one week to find the perfect gift for ol' mama dear. Usually every year, I combine my own mum's mother's day gift with her birthday gift as they're only a few days away, but I still wanted to share a few gift ideas I know my mum, grandmother, mother-in-law and fellow mamas and mamas-to-be would love to receive on the special day. Lucky for me, my birthday is the day before mother's day, so that means I'm showered with even more love! So please, forgive the poor picture quality considering these images were taken using my iPhone 6S because my camera was low-battery and was refusing to charge and I did not want to lose good natural lighting.


Plaid to the Bone

Hi loves,
{So just quietly, I accidentally forgot to post this outfit last year before I cut my hair, so just be aware, no, I did not get hair extensions, because to be honest, I don't even miss my long hair at all!}
I confess to having a wee-bit of a beauty addiction lately. I'm amazed at how much I'm loving makeup lately because I used to be so afraid of it. Afraid of how I'd look and afraid of what people would say. But the beautiful thing about the beauty community is nobody judges, just genuinely helps. It becomes encouraging, unlike the style community.
We're always being told to "make sure your style is the most you it can get" but then we're constantly being judged on what we wear, how we look, and who we choose to dress ourselves in.
Once you've finally found what you feel comfortable in, and love to put together, you suddenly get shot down and called "boring" and "plain" when you didn't even ask for their opinion, and were simply just being you.

I guess the reason I've been so reluctant on posting outfits lately is because I'm tired of constantly being put down for my wardrobe choices. My style is for me. I'm aware that I post photos of my outfits on the internet for the world to judge, but at the same time, it's purely based on the fact that I want others to feel inspired to dress in whatever the hell they want, and to write about whatever the hell they want. One quote about style that's always stuck with me is "style isn't what designer you're wearing or how much money you have, but how you put things together and wear yourself." And one thing that I've always done with my style is made sure it was something I put together that I absolutely loved and most importantly felt my most comfortable in.

I've never let the fact that I don't have 6-digits in my bank account stop me from enjoying the perks of fashion. Frankly, I don't think you should let your income affect the way you play around with your style. My favourite style icons know how to integrate high fashion with high street and affordable. Now I admit I probably will never own Saint Laurent, or Dior or Chanel in my own personal closet, but I'm always going to be trying to make sure my style is as me as possible and that I'm simply happy in what I'm wearing. Money doesn't create great style; you do.

Don't ever let anyone tell you how to style yourself. Styling should be something fun, and something for you. I find that it's a step into self-love and a boosted self esteem. Who doesn't feel great in an outfit they absolutely adore?

The fashion community has changed, considering Forever 21 once was the "it" store, and now it's considered one of the "sh*t" stores. I think people forget that trends come and go, so buying affordable pieces during the trends is rather responsible. But splurging on staples and basics is a definite thumbs up!

I guess in fashion there are rules, but rules are meant to be broken, especially in this case.
But just remember that whilst praise feels great and all on your recent model-inspired Instagram outfit pic, being yourself feels even better. The only reassurance you need is from yourself. Stop looking for it from other people who don't even know you besides from your internet personality, and start accepting yourself for what you love and who you are.
It took me a while to figure that out and to let it take affect into my life.


March Favourites

Hi loves,
March; the month filled with pretty things. It's been a bit of an emotional whirlwind, I've got to admit, but nevertheless, it's an on-going lesson where I'm constantly learning about myself. March was the month where I shopped to hide my personal vendettas, but it turned out okay because I found items that I love and am now sharing with you all. More about my inner demons some other time when I feel like bringing you guys down with me (HA! Which is never :P)



How-To: Get Through a Sick Day

Hi loves,
As the cold and flu season nears, and the seasons change abruptly, many people tend to get sick. With that said, I've been continuously sick for the past two weeks, and I guess I figured out some helpful tips on how to get through those dreadful days when you're bedridden and glued to Netflix.
Some of you may think these are generic tips that everyone already knows, but hear me out.
I hope if you're having a sick day/week, some of these tips help you in feeling better! It sure did it for me 

First thing's first, jump into your pyjamas and get comfortable - you'll be in them all day. You won't be going anywhere besides the kitchen and the bathroom, so you don't have to look cute for that. And trust me, don't bother trying to look cute, it doesn't help at all when you're feeling like absolute rubbish.

Stock up on those cough lollies, cold & flu tablets, and tissues; you're most definitely going to need them.
My favourite cough lollies are the Original VapoDrops which you can get at Woolies, Coles or Big W or Target! They work wonders for me, but just watch out, they tend to make you feel drowsy almost immediately.
The Vicks Inhaler is also magical if you have a blocked nose, and if you're tired of hearing your nose whistle every time you try to breathe. You just place this under your nose, breathe in, and your nose will instantly clear up... For a few minutes... So do it again... And again!
A tissue box is a basic necessity. I don't know how you're sick in bed, and not already halfway through your tissue box. I don't think I even have to go on... Come on guys...


Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit: Candy K & Posie K Swatches + Review

Hi loves,
As you may already know, I recently received the famously popular lip kits created by the youngest Jenner of the (stylishly-dressed) clan. As someone who's not a major Kylie fan, I wasn't too fond of the craziness that came with trying to get my hands on a lip kit. But after some intense research (and by research, I, of course, mean YouTube beauty guru reviews), I decided to brave it out and attempted to purchase them when they were released at the beginning of the month. I successfully got 5 lip kits (2 for me, and 3 for my friends!)
Kylie Cosmetics claims the lip kits to be cruelty free, long-lasting and comfortable to wear. Continue reading to see if they actually live up to the hype.


February Favourites

Hi loves,
February was a good month. I can say that confidently. I was organised, and really getting myself prepared for the year to come. But it seems, one thing I wasn't entirely prepared for was February's favourites post. Woops! Hey, better late than never, right?



Beach Vibes

Hi loves,
Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be living in a beautiful country like Australia. I'm so fortunate to be able to live comfortably, and happily in a place that lets me be me.
I can sometimes take a lot of things for granted while living in this country; the house I live in, the food on the table, the interesting weather, and also the access and beauty of our beaches.
I've got to admit, I'm not at all a fan of Summer, the heat, and the beach. I don't like finding sand in places they shouldn't be. I don't like the struggle of trying to get dry and changing in dirty public restrooms. I don't like burning my skin no matter how much SPF I lather on myself. I don't like birds staring at me like I'm a piece of meat. I don't like wearing my bikini because to be honest, I'm ashamed of my mummy body.

It's not something that's so easy to embrace. I know I preach self-love and embracing your beauty almost every outfit post I put up, but it's easier said than done.

When I slap on a bikini, I know I have this body because I was strong enough to carry a baby, and deliver that child into this world. I know that, my friends and family know that. These strangers don't know that. They can blatantly judge me and think that I just don't take care of my body. And that's what's hard about this: pretending like you don't care what other people think, when deep down, you actually kind of do.

I preach loving yourself because I want you all to work on yourself, to make sure you love you.
Of course I know it requires a lot of progress, so there's no rush. I just want to make sure you eventually learn to love yourself, and embrace all of your flaws and imperfections.
I'm certainly on this journey along with you all.


Nude by Nature Pro Brush Collection

Hi loves,
I've recently been on a hunt for new brushes. The brushes I am now using are brushes I got when I first started testing out makeup, and that was when I was 17. I obviously didn't have the right frame of mind when it came to brush-buying because many of those said bought brushes are quite poorly now.
Not a worry, it only gives me more of a reason to shop around and find the perfect brushes for yours truly.
I got extremely lucky because the same time my brushes decided to give up on me was the same time Nude by Nature released their new Pro Brush Collection, and it is to die forrrr!
The brushes are deliciously soft, and admirably gorgeous (I drool over anything rose gold), making these brushes definitely worth your bucks.


Swatches: Barry M Palettes

Hi loves,
Let's be real, I don't know much about eyeshadow, so for me to be reviewing these palettes is kind of insane, but I just want to give my two cents for those who are contemplating buying these products.
With each palette costing just under $20 each, it's a real steal for what you're getting. Although cardboard isn't my favourite material when it comes to packaging for palettes, it makes it easy to carry around as it is super lightweight, and easily compact so it becomes conveniently easy to throw into your purse when on-the-go. But you don't have to worry about it spilling all over your bag and getting onto all of your possessions because the palettes are secured with a magnetic fastening.

So if you're now interested in a beauty-clueless gal's opinion on these products, keep on reading...

I've heard numerous rave reviews regarding Barry M cosmetics. Granted, I'd only heard about the lipsticks and nail polishes, but I saw the eyeshadow palettes at Big W and couldn't help but grab them to try them out.


January Favourites

Hi loves,
And with a blink of an eye, January has ended, and we're already mid-way through February. It's like 2015 all over again - just flashing by without a trace, whilst every other month creeps up on you from around the corner.
So, how do I sum up January in a few words or less? Let's see...
Crazy. Summer. Full. Of. Packing. And. Moving. Houses.
Of course, it was quite nice to spend majority of the month packing and moving houses because it's extraordinarily cleansing. I sure got rid of a lot of junk I had lying around. But at the same time, it's utterly stressing, for no reason, just in general.

Whilst January was focused on moving houses, I also made January the month I accepted a challenge from myself for myself. I called it The No-Spending Ban. It speaks for itself but if you want a brief description, it basically meant I couldn't spend a cent on myself, fashion and beauty-wise. It was a necessity for me to buy lunch during work because a person's gotta eat, but also I had to use my money on basic necessities of living; groceries, my son's school stuff, bills, etc. It only made sense for me to ban shopping for clothes or makeup because they were materialistic items which weren't totally necessary to my everyday living considering I have SO MANY already.
I can proudly say I successfully completed that challenge, and hope to do it again soon. But for now, hit me with those sales, stat!

Anyway, here it goes, my January Favourites...


First up is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette. I got this in December, but it just seemed appropriate to include it in my January Favourites since I've been using it every. Single. Day. It's perfect in all it's natural being, and makes me look like a shining goddess. It's quite a wad of cash, but to be perfectly honest, for the quality and quantity of product you get, it's damn worth every cent.
Go on and get it. Let it highlight your soul. That's how good it is.


Be My Valentine

Hi loves,
Happy love day!
Love, love, love. One of the most incredible things you can ever experience in life.
Now, I don't want to get sappy, and start reciting poems and what not, but I love seeing just how happy couples, and people in general, get during Valentine's Day.

Today, I'm celebrating my 10th Valentine's Day with my boyfriend. Funny thing is though, all we want to do is cuddle up in bed, under the air-conditioning, and watch Netflix till we fall asleep. It's not really different to how we normally do things, but whatever, after 10 years, you get comfortable, and being together is all that really matters on this day.

I originally had planned to do gift guides for V-Day, but I ran out of time (as per yoush) and I realised I haven't posted an outfit yet this 2016, so voila!

Definitely one of my most loved and favourite outfits, so it's perfectly fitting for this day.


Welcome 2016

Hi loves,
So 2016 has started off quite nuts. Between the beginning of December till now, here at our residence, we have been in home-limbo. Mostly everything is in packed boxes, awaiting to be unpacked (no one's had time to do some grocery shopping, even though ironically enough, mum works at a supermarket) but right now we're living off of dry-toast and take-out = not good for our health.

But other than that, it's been a great Summer.
We'd done everything you could possibly imagine to keep entertained: outside and off the iPad/PlayStation! It was really important for my boyfriend and I to dedicate a lot of our time to Ethan while he was on school holidays, and I know I always seem to have a valid excuse for being absent for weeks at a time, but even though I'm a blogger, I'm a full-time mum and girlfriend too, and they will always come before my blogging life, #sorrynotsorry, but I'm sure most of you understand that.

Ethan's gone back to school and is already excelling at second grade (my six-year-old was told by his new teacher that if he wants, he can start reading year 3-4 books because he's done so well with the K-2 books {don't mind me as I sit here frozen because how is it possible that I've raised such a clever little boy?!}), it's not possible that I gave birth to such a smart kid. I'm so happy for him, and so so proud of all he's already achieved. Henry and I were certainly blessed!

But whilst I've been spending some quality time with my own little family, I've managed to begin feeling inspired and excited over what's to come on Heart, Style & Grace in 2016!!!
I've got so much new content planned, and some currently in the works, which is surprisingly calming me down and keeping me busily focused.

The beginning of the year usually feels like a clean slate, but for some reason, for me, it felt like last year's stress and struggles seemed to follow me right into the new year. I was feeling suffocated, and I felt like no one could help me out of this mess but me. But already, we're in February, and I've learnt that it's a-okay to ask for help sometimes. You're not alone and there's ALWAYS someone there to lend a helping hand, if you just ask for it.

See, 2016 is going to be a great year. No matter what obstacles you come across, you will overcome them. Happier and prouder of yourself.

Outfit Photography by: Pauline Nicole

Sunflower print tee by delia*s; Blue denim shorts with white crochet detailing by TEMT; White casual sneakers by Target; 'More Issues Than Vogue' watch by Lovisa; Ring by Icing Jewellry

~ Here are a few snapshots of random things* from our Summer ~
*mainly food

 photo LIFE-06_zpsw68zlmrm.png photo LIFE-08_zpscywdup7f.png photo LIFE-07_zpscx6eb152.png photo LIFE-05_zpskbumxr91.png

 photo LIFE-02_zps4uhllwtm.png photo LIFE-16_zpswmexpiy9.png photo LIFE-15_zpscb5q095j.png photo LIFE-13_zpsoj4mlmyf.png

 photo LIFE-14_zpsg8e8tx9l.png photo LIFE-01_zpsuxfioctc.png photo LIFE-03_zpsjadg1mey.png photo LIFE-12_zpspwaxzh4v.png

 photo LIFE-11_zpskgps0dak.png photo LIFE-17_zpsald62zcd.png photo LIFE-09_zpsfjmbln2o.png photo LIFE-04_zpshyxcppqp.png
Filled with love,
Danica xo

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