How-To: Get Through That Time of the Month

Hi loves,
So I was experiencing the week of hell because guess what, it was that time of the month again.
I was in bed for an entire day all because of stupid menstrual pains, and the idea came to me - "maybe I should write up a post on how to get through the woman's week of hell" so that's basically where this random post came from. Bare with me, please.

The time of the month is always really difficult. You're in so much pain; you're breaking out everywhere; you're craving EVERYTHING; a tiny gust of wind makes your boobs want to implode; you have to be careful of what kind of panties you wear (despite what Libra tells you); you're spending money on pads and tampons; you constantly feel like you smell; and you're angry and super emotional for no apparent reason (I watched an episode of New Girl and wasn't sure whether I was crying from laughter or not, what?)

First thing's first, you need your, let's call them, 'tools'. There are girls out there who prefer using pads, and there are girls who prefer using tampons. This is such a vital piece in getting through your time of the month. Nothing's worse than finding Aunt Flow has arrived on your perfectly white bed sheets. It's literally common sense to use these tools during your time of the month, because if you're not using these, what the hell are you using? (Don't answer that)

Normally when I'm on my rags, I'm not even wearing a bra, but that obviously will not work when I have to go outside into the real world. It's apparently not appropriate to be bra-less in public *queue eye-roll emoji* In that case, I always find it to be really comforting when I wear a non-padded bra. Comfort over fashion, and my boobs will thank me later for it, but I've got to admit, these lace bras from Cotton On Body are definitely farshun approved.

Create an entire day to pamper yourself. You definitely deserve to.
A hot shower with your favourite body gels/soaps is always a good idea when you're going through a rough week (with or without your monthly visitors.) I'm not 100% certain, but I'm sure it releases some relaxation endorphins; I mean, it has to!

I find a soothing form of therapy in painting my nails. I also feel so damn vulnerable, so please, do not watch A Walk To Remember while painting your nails because I bawled my eyes out, and had to re-paint my nails three times because I kept ruining it with my wiping my eyes with tissues. (Side note: don't paint your nails while watching a tear-jerker movie)
Choose your favourite colour (or a colour that's suiting your current mood; maybe don't choose red), put on some music (a Taylor Swift jam always does it for me), and paint your nails, then dance around mastering the spirit fingers. Who says these monthly visitors are all bad?

I find so much pleasure in watching FRIENDS when I'm going through that time of the month. Although, laughing heavily during your period can be kind of a struggle (girls, you get what I mean, right?) Admit it though, FRIENDS can have you in stitches within minutes, and no matter how many times you watch every episode, they still make you laugh like it's your first time watching it. So belly laugh your cramps away, and eat cookies (or the entire pantry) while you do it.

So join me in crying about our red rivers, but smile from joy because we have these distractions (and food) to save us from our pain.

Filled with love,
Danica xo

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