Too Faced Cosmetics Haul

Hi loves,
It's been too long since I posted a haul, so I'm very excited to be posting this one because it's about one of my most favourite beauty brands.
You can probably safely say that the first thing that attracted me to Too Faced Cosmetics was the packaging, because just by taking one quick look at it, you could instantly tell that I would be all over this brand. But look past the pretty packaging, and you'll find great quality products which you will want to replenish over and over again.

Whenever I'm at Westfield, I try to make sure I get a few minutes in at Mecca Maxima to scope out some of the new stuff. A girl can never have too many visits into her favourite beauty shop, right?
It just so happened that the night I walked into Mecca was the same as the 'Born This Way Day', which basically means you get a free Melted liquid lipstick when you purchase their new Born This Way foundation! So because Too Faced was on show that night, I went a little nuts and bought all of these bits and bobs.

Let me start off with the Born This Way foundation. It's wonderfully incredible! And I don't say that lightly (obviously), because there's nothing I hate more than buying a liquid foundation and finding it too be too cake-y and heavy on the skin. But this is the perfect amount of coverage and just feels so soft and light on the skin.

Now I don't wear a lot of eyeshadow, just a neutral eye most of the time, but I've always wanted to try the eyeshadow primers by Too Faced. Luckily, they still had the duo tubes at Mecca because this pack is only $17 and I expected it to sell out almost instantly! Granted, they are probably miniature versions of the original eyeshadow primers, but seeing as I'm someone who doesn't wear a lot of eyeshadow, I think I'll survive just fine.

What is Too Faced doing selling Polly Pockets? Oh, wait a minute, that's not a childhood favourite toy - it's a blush! The moment I laid eyes on pics of these beauties, my mind immediately jumped to my most favourite (and most cried about) childhood play thing. The packaging is adorable and simple, and Too Faced even aced it with their logo/font because Polly Pocket was so similar!
But putting the appearance aside, these blushes last 16 hours long, which is incredible, because it gets frustrating when you look at yourself in the mirror a few hours after you've applied your makeup, and find that you look soulless because you didn't have your perfect 'flushed look' anymore.
I still have yet to try these out on a hot sweaty Sydney-Summer day, so stay tuned for a review on these!

I already have four Melted liquid lipsticks from their Christmas holiday collection last year, but because I bought a Born This Way foundation, I got a free full-size Melted liquid lipstick in MELTED PEONY which is looOoove. I can only ever apply a very little amount because the pigmentation is so vibrant. We didn't get to pick which colour liquid lipstick we could get for free (it was already in the bag), so considering I already have this colour in a miniature version, I'll probably just add it to my giveaway (which is coming soon, eep - I can't wait!)

So, there you have it. A little Too Faced Cosmetics beauty haul to fill your heart's content.
I'd love to know what beauty products you purchased lately, and which is your favourite? Always keen to try something new!

Filled with love,
Danica xo

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