Miss Shop x Barbie: D & the Glitter Shoes

Hi loves,
So a few weeks ago I went shopping, and didn't realise until I got home that everything I had bought was Barbie related. I got really excited and thought out loud "this would make a pretty fun feature on the blog!!!" - yeah, I tend to blurt stuff out randomly like that and it awkwardly confuses whoever's around me. Quite entertaining, really.
Anyway, growing up I loved Barbie. I remember when I was still living in the city, my kindergarten best friend at the time was living in a city loft with her mum. She asked me to come over one day after school, so I did, and I remember walking into this section of the loft where she had all of her Barbie memorabilia. I'm talking dream house, play tent, rug, galleries of Barbie dolls - you name it, she had it. And I remember just falling instantly in love with that entire section, it was so upsetting when my parents came to pick me up. I was more devastated about leaving the Barbie gallery than my friend, tbh.

That was when my love for Barbie started. My mum's collected various Barbie dolls my entire life (there was this limited edition Cinderella Barbie doll that my mum kept in the box for YEARS that none of us could touch) but when we had to move out of the city and into the suburbs, mum had to sell it because we couldn't lug all of those dolls around with us. I was so deeply saddened.

So imagine how I felt when I found out Miss Shop was releasing a collaboration with Miss Barbie herself. I knew I had to get my hands on it because there was no way I was letting more of Barbie slip out of my fingers. This way, I have some Barbie back in my life, and especially in my closet.

I have four looks in this feature, so stay tuned for the other three after this one, but for now, I hope you guys enjoy this girly chic look which I absolutely adore!

Photography by: Pauline Nicole

White fluffy 'Barbie' logo jumper by Miss Shop; Light blue denim circle skirt by Princess Polly; Glitter flats by CLN; Fuschia small cross-body bag by Forever New

Filled with love,
Danica xo

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