Life Update

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Hi loves,
Now, I contemplated for a very long time on whether or not I should even write up a post like this.
But I felt like it was necessary considering a lot has been going on and it's not condensed enough for me to fit into 140 characters on Twitter.

So where do I begin?

Last month, my boyfriend Henry and I celebrated our ninth anniversary of dating with a weekend getaway to Port Stephens. We stayed at Treescape Accommodation & Camping and it was an absolute blast! The suite was perfect; a mix of luxury and nature. We vlogged the whole weekend and I'm currently in the process of finishing the editing on that video, so stay tuned.

Unfortunately, last month, amidst of all the excitement from our anniversary and my boyfriend's birthday, Henry had his laptop crash (the battery died and the experts at the Apple store claimed it was the ruined masterboard and the cost to fix it was fit enough to buy a new one) and then his external hard drive crashed just weeks later - ultimately having him lose everything he digitally has.

Now considering I had just gotten my MacBook Pro only two months ago, and he's on to his final semester of University, I made a sacrifice to allow him to borrow my computer to finish off assignments and study for his finals. With that being said, this means he has my computer for hours, and even days, at a time, therefore, meaning I don't have a lot of time to blog what I want for you guys. I'm barely holding up as it is considering I want to finish editing the vlog and get it up for you guys asap, but this just means I have to focus on scheduling right and organising my priorities.

It sounds like such a petty thing to be considering as a personal 'sacrifice' but if you know me, writing is everything to me and so it's figuratively killing me that I can't post as often as I want to, and like I promised. But that's life. Nothing goes to plan, and you've just got to roll with the punches.

So I ask that you guys please be patient with me when it comes to blogging, as I'm really just focused on making sure my boyfriend finishes Uni at his full and best potential. I'll blog when I can, girl scout promise!

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Amongst all that is happening with my boyfriend and my laptop, work has also been pretty time consuming lately. Whilst I am currently enjoying my job in retail, I'm also looking at my options for a full-time fashion career starting next year. Once my boyfriend finally graduates from Uni, I'm going to be able to breathe a lot more. No more worrying about finding a babysitter for Ethan, considering Henry will be casual teaching, and his start and end times are practically in sync with Ethan's school hours.

Growing up, we had the opportunity of having my mum be a stay-at-home mum, up until we were all in school together. I've always dreamt about doing just that, but since having Ethan this early was not in my plan, my dreams changed too. I want a family, but I also want a successful career in my field. I'm motivated, I'm determined, and I'm excited to begin this journey.

So those are the major changes going on right now in my life.
Some minor changes going on include:
  • Finally getting the pretty pink/rose-gold iPhone 6S in replacement of my beloved gold iPhone 5S of two years. I was reluctant when it came to upgrading my phone to the '6' because of how much I loved my '5S', but I couldn't resist just how pretty and pink the 6S is.
  • I think I mentioned it in one of my outfit posts a few weeks ago but I had to get a second wardrobe for my clothes because it was literally overflowing. I've spent a lot of my (somewhat free) time just fixing it up and clearing out absolutely anything I do not and will not ever wear again, but just keep in case of a rainy day. I can't wait to show you guys pics of it! For some reason, I have a real fetish for scoping out another girl's closet. It's like my heaven.
  • Saying goodbye to ombrè *sheds one perfect little tear* but seriously, I'm currently craving for something new. Not only do I want a new hair look, I crave new adventures and stepping out of my comfort zone. But for now, I'm really determined to have a mega hair change - I mean a (maybe not so) drastic cut, colour and definitely 100% treatment because this girl's hair has been damaged badly with her efforts in achieving the near-perfect ombrè hair style. Who knows, maybe I'll go bronde, or pink?
  • Giveaway coming so soon, it hurts to keep it from you guys, but I want it to be abso-freaking-lutely perfect you'd wanna come right here and kiss it!
  • Oh, and I realise I never really explained why we vlogged our weekend away: WE'RE CREATING A FAMILY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!
    Watching Ethan's face light up and find joy as he watches his favourite YouTube families was one of the main reasons on why we decided to start this. We could see that he was lusting over being in front of the camera. Being told by numerous people that he is incredibly photogenic and works so well in front of a camera lens, we figured why not give him a creative outlet that he can enjoy and also look back on when he's older? He's so excited about it, it's just the cutest thing ever! We're currently in the process of filming our introduction video, so it's very very very exciting! And we can't wait for you guys to see what we get up to, and some other little bits and bobs.

So that's it for now, as far as I can remember.
It's hard for me to write a post when I haven't planned it out in my blog book, but this was actually really called for and I'm really happy I decided to write this up because now you guys know what's going on :)

Stay tuned because new posts are coming real soon: 
full of beauty, fashion and how-to's, weeee!

Filled with love,
Danica xo

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