How-To: Start Your Own Blog

Hi loves,
So, today I wanted to share my how-to on starting your own blog. I know what you're thinking, "starting your own blog is like riding a bicycle - super easy", well having a few helpful tips never hurt anybody.
Although it seems really simple, starting your own blog can actually be a difficult and daunting experience when you don't know exactly what to do.
Just a little reminder that I am absolutely no expert, but this is what I noticed worked well for me, so fingers crossed it works just as well for you future bloggers.

Without further ado, let's get straight into it.

STEP 1: Find your passion
Whether it's food or fashion (or whatever your heart desires), finding what gets you inspired is critical into starting your blog. Having a primary subject keeps things on a nice flow, and enables you to find your audience and connect easier.
Nothing is more off-putting than when someone starts a blog and their content is all over the place.
They're basically just rambling on and on about something you don't even understand. You'll notice that your audience will appreciate your effort in keeping to a theme.

STEP 2: Find your inspiration
In figuring out your passion, surely there was someone who, or something that, inspired you to start blogging in the first place. Step two requires you digging deep and finding that inspiration. It makes reading your blog a whole lot more of a pleasant experience because of the drive you have from your source of inspiration. It's like seeing a sparkle in someone's eyes when they're talking about something they're passionate about - it makes a person admire them more. So whether it was an outfit that you saw, a blog layout that you liked, or a person you admire - channel that inspiration into your blog-to-be and go for it!

STEP 3: Pick a blog name and build a URL around that
Now that you've got your passion and your inspiration, put that together, and create a totally unique and creative blog name and URL. You want something that will stick for-(almost)-ever because you want to build your own audience. And if you're constantly changing your blog name, your audience will lose focus and tire of your indecisiveness.
At the same time as creating individuality and creativity, make sure your blog name is professional enough for businesses to contact you with. Nobody wants to work with someone called *~bEauTty-bItCHh~* or ^$clAssiIi-wHoReEe%), you know what I mean? It's not fun. So just double check and make sure you wouldn't be embarrassed walking into a business meeting and reciting your blog's name. But (!) at the same time, don't make your blog name so dull - be sure to put an essence of you in there somewhere; after all, these followers are interested in YOU and YOUR opinion in things. Pick a blog name that suits you well, and you know will stick for a long time.

STEP 4: Pick a blogging platform
I'm bias when it comes to telling people which platform to choose for their blogs, because Blogger has always been so good to me. I've learned my way around Blogger's HTML codes and what not, and I'm the type of person to get comfortable and stick to it. Change is soooo not my style. Mm-mm.
But in saying that, there are sooo many platforms you can launch your blog from.
It's just about picking the right one for you.
Blogger - Great for sharing photos, but hard to monetize your blog.
Wordpress - Most popular and least expensive platform.
Tumblr - Pick a theme, and you're good to go - it's that easy!
Weebly - Build your blog for free, but pay $7.95 once you go live (um?!)
All of which are really great, and super easy for beginners - it's best to make sure you read the fine print, and if you have friends in the blogging community, maybe ask them how they're liking their platform? In the end, do what you're comfortable with.

STEP 5: Write!
Spread your adorable little blogging wings and fly into cyber space with your first blog post. I'm not going to tell you what to write as your first blog post, because it should be your choice. It's always great to see what someone chooses to write about as their first blog post; you get a sense of who they are. Let your writing speak for you..

So that is it for my How-To on starting your own blog!

I'm not too sure on how I feel about these types of posts yet. I enjoy writing them, but I'm not sure if they're really making an impact or benefitting me/you guys in anyway, so please let me know if you liked it and want more 'how-to's because I am already planning on writing up a 'What To Do Once You've Started Blogging' post as a sequel to this piece, so please do let me know.

Happy blogging!

Filled with love,
Danica xo

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