Earn Your Stripes

Hi loves,
Yay for day 3 of the 7 Looks for 7 Days re-launch feature!
I'm finding it extremely ironic how yesterday's weather was beautiful and warm, but I posted my last Winter look; but then today is dreary and cold, and I'm here posting my first Spring look!
Mother Nature, you sure like to make me look like a fool. Oh, dear.

Well, saying hello to Spring a little earlier than expected is always a great thing. As is Paris, macarons and Chanel.
Great things come in different shapes and sizes. I found a great thing in my epic love with my boyfriend. I raised a great thing in the shape of my ever-so-clever son. I created a great thing that I love; my blog.

It's amazing how one type of thing can come to you in so many different ways.

I never, in my lifetime, would have imagined I would start my own blog. I've always been a shy person. So coming online and feeling the pressures and scrutiny of faceless keyboard warriors was basically my kind of hell. But I have to admit, staring my blog online helped me grow my thick skin. And being a young mum, that's exactly what you need. You're constantly under a microscope where people have the freedom to judge and berate you. But thanks to the negativities of the online community, I'm a stronger and happier person - because the words you try to hurt me with, don't work anymore, and honestly, it feels great.

My advice to everyone tonight is to never let the bastards get you down. Especially the ones online!

Photography by: Pauline Nicole

Black and white strip dress by Chicabooti; Denim long-sleeve shirt by Roger David (the boyfriend's); White sneakers by Converse; Gold heart necklace by Dotti; Black leather roll-up clutch by Forever New; Gold plate chain bracelet by Sportsgirl; Sunglasses by Chicabooti

Filled with eternal love,
Danica xo

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