Do You Want to Build a Blanket Fort?

Hi loves,
Here's day 2 of the 7 Looks for 7 Days re-launch feature, just like I promised!
As we're nearing the end of Winter, I'm starting to find myself having to say goodbye to many of my favourite outerwear. For example, this blanket cape, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

It may make zero sense as to why I'm posting this type of outfit tonight considering today was probably the warmest day of Winter we've ever experienced (tops of 29 degrees and leaving my windows wide open all day - I approve) but because I spent most of Winter working on the re-launch, I want to make sure I at least took a shot at posting a few (well, two to be exact) Winter warm looks.

It's pretty unfortunate too since Winter is actually my favourite season out of all four. UGH.

It's alright though - life is still dandy. Speaking of life {being dandy}, spreading positive cheer is so important - and a huuuuge factor in my blog re-launch. I feel like I spent so much time bringing myself down. Comparing myself to other bloggers of the scene made me feel immensely unworthy.
But it's true, scroll through your Tumblog or Pinterest, and reblog/pin encouraging and inspiring quotes and you will find your inner light shining so much brighter. I promise you, it works.

My favourite lately is: "Dream big, work hard, stay focused & surround yourself with good people."
I think it's incredibly valuable to keep these things in mind. I want to emphasise on the last part of that quote though. As you may know (hopefully by now), I have a young child of my own, and teaching him to be a better person every day is a challenge because he is influenced every day at school by other kids. I'm not bashing on how other parents raise their children at all, but some kids don't seem to have a barrier when it comes to certain things. For example, I learnt recently that my son knows a few swear words because of his FIRST GRADE friends. It's hard to tell my 6-year-old not to surround himself with friends who influence him in a negative way, so we try to get him to be the positive influence on his friends and lead the way.

At the end of the day, how you feel about yourself is the most important thing, and who you surround yourself makes a big impact on how you perceive yourself.

Choose wisely. Love (yourself) fiercely.

Photography by: Pauline Nicole

Black long sleeve crop top by Chicabooti; White ripped jeans by Supre; Black and gold tassel boots by Lipstik Shoes; Monochrome-toned blanket poncho by Supre; Sunglasses by Chicabooti; Bangles (L-R) by Kate Spade and Cartier; Gold watch by Michael Kors

Filled with so much love tonight,
Danica xo