Camels, and Leopards, Oh My!

A very big and exciting welcome back to the new and improved Heart, Style & Grace fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog!
I'm so freaking excited for you guys to finally feast upon what I've been working so hard on for the last few weeks. So, if you like, have a little play around and click on newly added links, because I quite enjoyed putting them together *cheesy grin*

I've been pretty repetitive whenever I would disappear from the blogosphere only to come back and make promises I wouldn't even keep, but this is going to be different, and I mean it this time (because if you check out my About page, you will see that I dislike 'broken promises' so I'm not going to be a hypocrite and lay those on you loves.) Instead, I will bring you new content, ranging from fashion (yes, that means loads and loads of outfits!!!), beauty (you're going to join me in the journey on 'how do I use makeup' because let's face it, I am absolutely no expert), and lifestyle (I have a pretty unique story being a young mum so instead of hiding it, I'm going to be more open and show you guys more of what my little family and I do together and how we're progressing even though the world still looks down on stereotypical versions of our lives.)

I'm really excited to start this new leaf on my blog because this time I won't be doing it all on my own. I've got so much more support and valuable friendships which are willing to get involved with my blog and I, to enhance not only my career but also theirs. I mainly want to thank my incredible friend and amazingly talented photographer Pauline for raising her hand and helping me with anything and everything including the outfit shots you're about to see on HSG. It's going to be a goodie, I can feel it.

In celebration for the re-launch, I am doing a 7 Looks for 7 Days - which is exactly as it sounds. For an entire week, you will find yourselves delving into a new look every single night. Just the perfect way to end your day, I say.

So here's to a fresh start, and a fun, new ride together!

Enjoy tonight's re-launch new look and stay tuned for tomorrow's outfit.

Photography by: Pauline Nicole

Grey speckle slightly-high-neck top by Chicabooti; White skinny jeans by Paper Scissors; Leopard print lace-up heels by Lipstik Shoes; Camel waterfall coat by Cotton On; Black leather trio bag by Forever New; Gold 'Danica' necklace by unknown (had since birth); Gold heart outline necklace by Icing Jewellery; Rings by Icing Jewellery

Filled with so much  love right now,
Danica xo

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