Simply Floral

Hi lovelies,
I am so incredibly sorry that it's taken me this long to post this new look. I know it promised it a few nights ago, but when I went to edit the post, my laptop got hacked with a virus and wiped my library. Luckily, I store everything in my portable hard drive, so it was easy to get everything back, thank goodness! Oh, and don't worry, I freaked out when it happened and my dad told me to do a security scan of my entire laptop and that actually fixed it, god bless.

Now to the point of this post. I got such a wonderful response from my last post, I got a little overwhelmed with what my next few posts were going to contain. I felt like I had to one-up everything from now on. But I think that will just stress me out, and I'm pretty sure you guys will catch onto that, and it won't seem as genuine.

I think that's what I look for when I'm reading blogs and following Instagram accounts; how genuine the individual is. We all know most bloggers/vloggers are sponsored and will do their best to try and sell you products. Sometimes it's genuine, sometimes it's ridiculously out of nowhere. But there are always those public figures who stay humble and genuine no matter how many offers they're getting. And that's something to admire - especially in this industry. People are money-hungry and especially in the fashion industry, all people want is success and clothes.

Am I rambling? Oh well, that had nothing to do with this look. I kind of just wanted to vent, and I just happened to do that here. Oops!

Well without further ado, welcome to tonight's new look: Simply Floral *enter flower emoji*

Floral neoprene dress by Paper Scissors; Nude heels by Steve Madden; Black 'Celine' trio inspired clutch bag by Forever New; Bangles by Cartier & Kate Spade


Filled with love,
Danica xo

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