Feeling flustered; but I'm back, baby!

Hi lovelies,
I've been gone for too long but I'm finally back and feeling better than ever.
Rekindling my love and passion for blogging was kind of a struggle; I was feeling overwhelmed and had a difficult time balancing my family, work and fashion. I never took the time to stop, sit down and take a long look at my schedule to realise everything was so messed up.
But I've finally done so, which is why I'm coming to you tonight with a brand spankin' new look!

I thought about doing an entire blog revamp and relaunching, but that would be my technique of giving up, and I don't ever want to give this up. I want to keep progressing and improving, whilst being able to look back (I say this as I'm thinking about deleting every single post published before this one.) I guess we'll just have to see how I go...

So without further ado, I did this shoot in honour of Summer. I hate the heat, but I love the sun for the natural lighting at my shoots. Oh, and I also like the Summer fashion, but that's pretty much self-explanatory when you see this look.

Hot pink shift dress by Paper Scissors; White chunky platforms by Lipstik Shoes; Bangles on left hand by Kate Spade; Bangle on right hand by Cartier; Diamond earrings by Lovisa; Phone case by Forever New

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Filled with love,
Danica x

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