Simply Floral

Hi lovelies,
I am so incredibly sorry that it's taken me this long to post this new look. I know it promised it a few nights ago, but when I went to edit the post, my laptop got hacked with a virus and wiped my library. Luckily, I store everything in my portable hard drive, so it was easy to get everything back, thank goodness! Oh, and don't worry, I freaked out when it happened and my dad told me to do a security scan of my entire laptop and that actually fixed it, god bless.

Now to the point of this post. I got such a wonderful response from my last post, I got a little overwhelmed with what my next few posts were going to contain. I felt like I had to one-up everything from now on. But I think that will just stress me out, and I'm pretty sure you guys will catch onto that, and it won't seem as genuine.

I think that's what I look for when I'm reading blogs and following Instagram accounts; how genuine the individual is. We all know most bloggers/vloggers are sponsored and will do their best to try and sell you products. Sometimes it's genuine, sometimes it's ridiculously out of nowhere. But there are always those public figures who stay humble and genuine no matter how many offers they're getting. And that's something to admire - especially in this industry. People are money-hungry and especially in the fashion industry, all people want is success and clothes.

Am I rambling? Oh well, that had nothing to do with this look. I kind of just wanted to vent, and I just happened to do that here. Oops!

Well without further ado, welcome to tonight's new look: Simply Floral *enter flower emoji*


Embrace Your Beauty

Hi lovelies,
While I was on my (sort-of) hiatus, all I could think about was how uninspired and low I was feeling. I just felt so down about myself and everything I was doing. I felt like I had no control.
My main focus on feeling blue was seeing all of these beautiful and successful bloggers being exactly who they were. They were comfortable in their own skin. But another thing was the fact that they all look like models. Some have even walked fashion week shows. And that made me feel really crap about myself, considering I'm a little shorter than 5ft tall and am frumpy.
I don't have perfect skin since I suffer from eczema. I don't have a perfect smile because I chose not to get braces because I like my smile the way it is. I don't have a thigh gap because I like my food, and even though I don't work out as often as most, I keep my weight at 46kg. I don't have a perfect flat stomach because I had a baby at 16 which resulted in excessive and heavy stretchmarks which are now impossible to get rid of, and my skin stretched out so far it's been difficult getting it back to how it was before. I don't have a perfect jawline because my face shape is naturally round. I'm not perfect. I'm not model material. I'm not skinny.
Most people scroll through blogs and find these gorgeous, tall and perfect-everything girls as what we now call "goals." And although I wouldn't deny being envious and calling these girls "goals" as well, I much rather prefer seeing an average everyday girl who works 20 hours a week, and goes to university full-time, eats whatever the hell she wants, makes the time to workout irregularly, and also has the time to blog as my personal inspiration.
It's upsetting to see that the "everyday girl" is now being diminished by the girls who are in the spotlight just because they're not what you would call "perfect." People often forget that "perfect" doesn't exist.

My main point for this rant is to basically point out that you're beautiful the way you are. Embrace your beauty. Being "average" and an "everyday" girl is inspiring too. It's hard to be a girl these days. People often forget that.

So without further ado, I wanted to showcase a look I thought helps present being able to dress in whatever the hell you want. Don't have a flat stomach? Who cares, wear that tight skirt anyway!

Grey speckle with black heart print knit tank by H&M; Light blue denim midi skirt by Forever 21; Nude and black glossy summer sandals by Novo; Dark blue denim jacket by ELLE Magazine Collection; White oversized 'Pardon My French' by Sportsgirl; Bangles by Cartier & Kate Spade


Hope my little rant has you fist-pumping in the air in celebration of your beautiful selves!
Filled with love,
Danica xo


Feeling flustered; but I'm back, baby!

Hi lovelies,
I've been gone for too long but I'm finally back and feeling better than ever.
Rekindling my love and passion for blogging was kind of a struggle; I was feeling overwhelmed and had a difficult time balancing my family, work and fashion. I never took the time to stop, sit down and take a long look at my schedule to realise everything was so messed up.
But I've finally done so, which is why I'm coming to you tonight with a brand spankin' new look!

I thought about doing an entire blog revamp and relaunching, but that would be my technique of giving up, and I don't ever want to give this up. I want to keep progressing and improving, whilst being able to look back (I say this as I'm thinking about deleting every single post published before this one.) I guess we'll just have to see how I go...

So without further ado, I did this shoot in honour of Summer. I hate the heat, but I love the sun for the natural lighting at my shoots. Oh, and I also like the Summer fashion, but that's pretty much self-explanatory when you see this look.