January Favourites

Long time no blog, you guys! Feels good to get out of my writing funk, and actually create content I enjoy writing about, and not just content I'm forcing myself to be inspired about.

Tonight, I bring forth my January Favourites. I'm not sure if anyone actually enjoys reading about MY favourites of the month, but I enjoy documenting them, looking back on them, and seeing how my taste and likes have developed throughout the year. 2015 is all about making myself happy and doing things I love to do.

Technology. I like technology this month. TOTALLY KIDDING. I mean, I like technology, but obviously not in the way I'm perceiving it.. Okay, this is going absolutely nowhere and I am wasting my sentences.. But maybe that's my plan this entire time: to attract you to view this image without really knowing what this month's most liked item is about.. *keep thinking*