Stripe Me Silly

Light blue and white stripe crop top by Dotti; Light blue wash high-waist jeans by Topshop; Black suede heels by Rubi Shoes; Brown parka jacket by Paper Scissors; Flower hat by Forever 21; Heart pendant necklace by Tiffany & Co.; Silver & rose gold watch by K-Mart

If there was an award for being the worst blogger ever, I would definitely win that hands down and maybe even not turn up to receive that award because I am that bad at keeping with my schedules.

Let's not get disappointing too quickly though, because I am here right now to bring to you a new outfit post. Let's not talk about or reflect on when was the last time I posted one, and just enjoy this new beauty right here.

I'm working on a few new outfit posts for you guys, but working part-time (almost feels like full-time to be honest though) whilst also taking care of my son and spending time with my boyfriend - it's all just a lot to handle, but I promise that I'm not going to let this blog slip away from me, and that better content is definitely coming!

Also! I have recently reached 1000 followers on my Instagram page (@danicasarza, in case you were wondering, hehe) and I went shopping for items to put into my massive 'THANK YOU' giveaway, so I'm really excited about that because the giveaway will hopefully begin sometime this week!!!!! So head over there now and follow me because it's exclusively for those who follow me on Instagram.

I think that's all I need to say in this post,
so I hope you all have a lovely Saturday night, and I will see you at my next post,

Filled with love,
Danica xo

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