H&M Macquarie Centre Sydney Store Opening Haul

Last month, I trekked it all the way to Macquarie bright and early with my boyfriend to attend the opening of the first H&M store in Sydney!
You can guess that I absolutely loved it - hence this post tonight - but I wanted to share my buys and sort of review the store/brand itself while I'm at it.

I adore my buys. I now want to make sure the things I buy are things that I really love. I have this little rule or thought of mind while I'm out shopping, and if I put something down, but end up still thinking about it in a couple of minutes anyway, I'll end up getting it because I obviously know it's worth my attention - but if I genuinely forget about it, then it obviously wasn't worth it to begin with.
I found myself doing this numerous times while circling H&M three or four times in the hour I was in there, but eventually, I got there in the end.

The quality of these products are amazing. My boyfriend's worn his pieces countless times since he's bought them and the colours haven't worn off yet, nor have the seams distressed, and seeing as the prices are just so convenient, it creates the illusion that you're getting great products at even greater prices!

As for the store/brand itself, I'm honestly impressed. While I was in America, I was not at all impressed with the brand. I found it tacky and like it was trying too hard, but since it's come here, it's catering really well for the Australian seasons and for Australians themselves.
Like I mentioned before, prices are genuinely incredible. I do what I always do and grab a bunch of things, try them on, and then add up the prices in a little corner by myself - and as I read out loud the prices of each item, I was truly shocked to hear how inexpensive it all came to be.
The store is set out into two levels. The top level is half menswear, and half children's. The bottom level is divided between women's apparel, maternity wear, accessories and shoes.
It's quite spacey in the fact that it's actually very much packed with products, but they spaced it out well enough for you to be able to maneuver around whilst involved in an intense shopping crowd.

So there you have it. My buys and my little review of the store.
I will definitely be making my way back to the store sometime real soon because I don't think I can hold back too often when I now know what the brand consists of.

Filled with love,
Danica xo 

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