Mummy & Son

Mummy wears: Navy & white stripe oversized tee by Sportsgirl; Sky blue boyfriend jeans by ICE Fashion; Leopard print flats by unknown; Beige anorak by Paper Scissors; Black fedora hat by Paper Scissors; Gold watch by Michael Kors; Love bracelet by Cartier
Son wears: Grey & red stripe knit sweater by Cotton On Kids; Black cargo tracksuit pants by Pumpkin Patch Kids; Black casual shoes by Vans; Navy & mustard pom-pom knit beanie by Cotton On Kids

Kicking off this month of August, I am extremely excited to launch a new monthly feature called Mummy & Son which will feature various outfits between my son and I. A lot of you have asked for more posts and videos of him, so I thought I'd start it off with a couple of posts of him and I in the next few months and see how that goes. Obviously I'm a mum who's concerned about exposing my child to the likes of the internet, but I trust you guys and I know you're all just curious on how I dress him everyday. It's also a sort of post where you can kind of get to see what we get up to sometimes - like a day in the life, only in a series of photos which have absolutely nothing to do with the day in our life but more so about me frantically asking my boyfriend to shoot us for my blog BUT ANYWAY - let's get started.

There is no bond stronger than the love between a mother and her children. As for me, I only have one baby whom I love ever so dearly, but it doesn't make our bond any less. In fact, having only him right now is making our relationship stronger, but don't worry guys, he is currently asking for a baby sibling and hopefully some day, when Henry and I are stable enough and can handle going through that all over again, we can finally give him a playmate. As for now though, he's our one true love, and for that, I hope you enjoy this series.

Let me know if you like this!
Filled with love,
Danica xo

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