A Few of My Favourite Things: July

Prepare yourselves for my favourite buy, my favourite do, my favourite eat, my favourite read, and my favourite wear of July.

I have wanted an iPad since the day my boyfriend got his two years ago. The thing is, I wanted one but never saw the point of it. I preferred writing in a notebook over typing away on a keyboard during my classes at fashion college. But now that time has passed and I'm on my way to building my dream career, it just fits and seems necessary. Ever since I got it, I've found so many useful ways for its use.
You can find the iPad Air right here.

Some things never change, and for me, it's that I will always love my girly childhood. Ballerina colouring books, princess stuffed dolls and Disney movies sum up my childhood in a nutshell. Even though I'm no longer a child (nor a teen), I still love a pretty colouring book for when I'm feeling nostalgic and want to revisit my childhood, even for a moment. July was a busy month and I found myself watching Disney movies whenever I could relax with my ballerina colouring book in my lap and coloured pens by my side. So do yourself a favour, go to Target or K-Mart and buy yourself a princess colouring book. Trust me, you'll feel so much better.

If you know me well enough, you would know that red velvet desserts are my go-to sweets. I love a bright red, moist and delicious cupcake. Whether a red velvet cupcake is made at home with love or at a bakery with passion, it's still got that delightful light and fluffy cloud feeling in your mouth when you bite into it.
You can find red velvet cupcakes here.

Most of July was spent watching YouTube beauty videos, hence my read of the month: Lauren Conrad Beauty. What's better than Lauren Conrad teaching you her secrets to beauty? This book has literally been my beauty bible since the day I laid my hands on it. Sure, I could spend majority of my time watching videos on how to do particular beauty looks but there's some simple pleasure I find in reading tutorials whilst glancing over at pictures.
You can find this book right here.

If you take a look into my closet, you would assume that I am a handbag hoarder. I have a handbag for everyday of the month, and some. But Michael Kors was so good to me during July, I had to give this bag a shout-out. Thanks for putting up with my man-handling all over you; thanks for carrying all of my heavy and abnormal belongings; thanks for looking so damn pretty among all of my outfits.
You can find Michael Kors bags here.

Filled with love,
Danica xo

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