Thank You, The Fashion Institute Sydney

For a couple of weeks now, I've been thrilled about finishing up my time here. I've been feeling like I'm ready to venture off into the real world and leave behind TFI, but my last few classes have left me feeling sentimental and emotional over leaving such an incredible year I've been through.
I really am going to miss the beautiful white interior, the inspiring speeches from industry leaders and the friendliest and stylish classmates known to the Sydney area.

The experiences I had the opportunity of partaking in this year has been truly remarkable. My assumptions about the entire fashion industry has been perceived so differently through this past year because of the amount of incredible and inspiring people I've had the chance of meeting while studying at TFI.
It's a time for mixed emotions; I'm excited about leaving and finally starting my fashion career, but I'm devastated that I have to leave the one place that nurtured me and molded me into the career woman I want to be one day.
This isn't goodbye, it's see ya soon, TFI, because I promise you, you will be seeing and hearing a lot from me to graciously thank you for the opportunities you have provided for me.

If you are thinking about a career in fashion, I suggest you follow these groovy links to TFI's website and social media accounts to find out the fun you yourself can endure if you choose to study there!

TFI Phone Number: 1300 FASHION

Filled with love,
Danica x

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