Cape-able of Love

Black cape coat by Temt; Black cropped skinny jeans by Glassons; Black point-toe slingbacks by Topshop; Black long-sleeve top by Forever New

Being absolutely relieved over finally completing all my classes at TFI, I've had a little more extra time to work on a few photoshoots for the blog aka my new baby.
I'm willing to do what it takes to get my blog off the ground, and let it spread its wings into becoming the possibility and opportunity I always saw it to be.

But anyway, enough about my future plans for HSG: let's talk about a trend that's constantly being forgotten but is refusing to cease being chic - cape coats.

Ever since I saw Blair Waldorf wearing a cape coat in that episode in the third season of Gossip Girl where she's trying to resist the temptation of going to the Empire State Building to mend our favourite couple on the show (but was quickly re-directed to taking Dorota to the hospital as she was having her baby so soon), I was mesmerized by that bright green coat. Naturally, it was a cape coat, and I set a goal to find myself the perfect one without hurting my bank account.

I wanted this look to determine the cape coat as the focal point, which is why it's styled with all basics and all black, with very minimal jewelry.

Filled with love,
Danica x


  1. Just realized that your blog is now ".com" must be exciting! Congrats :) xx

    1. (The most lag reply ever, but..) Thank you so much! x