A Girl and her Flowers

Daisy print knit cardigan by Paper Scissors; Black high-waisted jeans by Topshop; Sunflower print crop top by Forever 21; Studded ankle boots by Temt; Brown bowl hat by Dotti; Daisy ring by Lovisa; Gold watch by Michael Kors; Silver & blue heart pendant necklace by Tiffany and Co.

Something I've promised myself that I'll start doing more is appreciating the little things. As I've officially stepped up as a 21-year-old this year, I feel like the simplest acts of kindness put a much bigger smile on my face. A little thing I want to start doing a little more frequently is buying myself a bouquet of flowers at the end of the day/week, just to brighten up my mood and kind of push away the negativity I endured throughout that day or week.

Believe it or not, but flowers can easily lift up your mood and create a positive atmosphere within your environment. Why do you think photos of flowers are constantly being pinned on Pinterest? Why do you think photos of flowers at the markets are one of the most reblogged images on Tumblr? Why do you think every second girl's photo on your Instagram feed is a photo of flowers? Not only are they such a beauty to look at, but they're an immediate mood lifter.

If I ask you right now, "what is your favourite flower?", you'd instantaneously reply with either "peonies" "tulips" or "roses" (unless your flower is a significant kind, then obviously not, but you get the picture.)

I personally LOVE peonies. Have no clue where to find them around my area - but love love love them.
Lately though, I've been utterly obsessed with sunflowers and daisies. I'm finding the print to be such a happy print and it instantly lifts up my mood when I'm sporting the trend.

Filled with love,
Danica x

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