Celebrity Dress-Ups: Olivia Palermo

White singlet by Temt; Black lace shorts by Mink Pink; Zipper jacket by Temt; Leopard print shoes by unknown; White leather & gold belt bangle by Forever New; Pastel crystal bracelet by Colette; Brown tinted leopard print sunglasses by Valleygirl; Heart shaped diamond earrings by Swarovski

Stylish, classy and sophisticated; three words I would describe Olivia Palermo. As a fashion icon socialite, she's definitely raised the bar for socialite Paris Hilton. Class has a new meaning, and the definition is Olivia Palermo (it's not like Miss Hilton ever had any of that, but hey, don't judge, I still love her too - she's absolutely hilarious in her short-running television series 'Simple Life'.)

If there's anything we want to steal off of Palermo, besides her effortless beauty, it would have to be her flawless style. The way she mixes high-street with high-end is something to take note of. Let's be real for a second, she has a ton of money that she can blow and consistently buy designer garments, and maybe she does, but most of what we hear and see about her is the fact that she's the queen of mixing high and low. She pairs her $2 market bracelets with her Valentino heels whilst also pairing her ASOS dress alongside them.

Palermo said in an interview with LifestyleMirror.com, "The trick is taking a runway trend and incorporating it into your wardrobe in a way that doesn't break the bank. Blend them with your own personal style."

Today, I bring you guys a simple and classic look styled by yours truly, but hand-picked from Olivia Palermo's street-style wear.

Hope you guys enjoyed this celebrity steal look!

Filled with love,
Danica x


Baby, It's (not that) Cold Outside

Navy number knit by Suprè; Black frill shorts by Glassons; Gold & white Summer sandals by Solsana Shoes; Brown-tinted leopard print sunglasses by Valleygirl; Silver diamond heart-shaped earrings by Swarovski; Tiffany Blue & Silver heart pendants by Tiffany & Co.; Gold link watch by Michael Kors

As someone who has been attending classes at her divinely gorgeous college for a little over a year now, I'm actually very stunned at the fact that I never thought of shooting my blog posts there. What do you guys love more than fashion? Scenery. The perfect scenery can make any image excel more than words can describe, and The Fashion Institute definitely exceeds everyone's expectations because half of the time, people don't believe me when I say "yup, this is my college - this is where I learn about fashion and stuffs." No, but really, when I tell people I actually study how to break my way into the fashion industry right here, they are absolutely amazed at how beautiful the place is.

With only a handful of classes left to complete, this means I only have a few chances to shoot my outfit photos at the college until I finish/graduate (although I am looking to do the brand spankin' new Diploma next year, but I'll talk about that in another post.) So I'm grabbing every class I need to complete and arriving at class almost two hours earlier than expected just so I can have the privacy of shooting my photos without other classmates staring at me with humility.

Hopefully you're enjoying these snaps, because I have a couple more stored in my sleeve.

Until my next post,
lots of love,
Danica xo