OOTD: The Amazing Lace

What I'm Wearing:
Top: Ally Fashion
Pants: Red Berry
Heels: Nine West
Bag: K-Mart
Necklace: Lovisa
Watch: Michael Kors

What Makeup I'm Using:
Maybelline FIT ME Foundation in 230
Models Prefer Eye Brightener
Maybelline FIT ME Concealer in 25 Medium
Face of Australia Translucent Loose Powder
Benefit Cosmetics Sugarbomb Blush Powder
Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner in Black
Face of Australia High Definition Brow Kit
Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in 035 Candy Apple

What's insanely funny and beautiful at the same time? This crazy Sydney Fall weather! One week I'm struggling to wake up and roll out of bed, and the next I'm feeling a drop of sweat fall off my forehead.
For example, today I went outside in my daisy print knit cardigan and my warmest pair of leggings, I presumed it was going to be really cold because every other day I've seen sunshine, I've been assuming it would be rather warm but the weather's always bossed me around on those days and really laid into me my mistake so I thought about taking no risks today - except that it's actually rather warm today and now I feel like ripping these pants off and wearing the first pair of shorts I see.

My point being is to not underestimate but also overestimate the weather - so in other words, just *don't pay any attention to the weather man!!!!!!* Because only once you step out into the weather will you realise weather you've made a foolish mistake, or the right one. It's the lucky dip of life!

The secret to being comfortable in uncomfortable weather (in my opinion anyway) is to always have either the top half or the bottom half exposed. It's either you wear pants with a short sleeve top or a skirt with a jacket, just to even it out and to help you/your skin breathe throughout your working day.

Enjoy what's left of your beautiful Sundays, loves!
Be back soon x

Until my next post,
lots of love,
Danica xo

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