Unpublished Outfits of 2014

As the above title already gives away, this post consists of unpublished images of outfits I styled throughout 2014 which never got the chance to be published. Either I was waiting for the perfect moment to post them, or I was in the process of re-doing them because the lighting wasn't right or the editing just wasn't going anywhere - but anyhow, I wanted to post a few pics of each outfit before 2014 officially ended (how crazy is it that this year went by so quickly?!)
So without further ado, here they are:

Black embellished crop top by Topshop; light blue circle skirt by Princess Polly; Brown and black leather strappy sandal heels by Temt; Gold watch by Michael Kors


Last of the American Haul, I promise!

Hi there lovelies!
So you've probably made your way here because you're curious as to what's inside these bags? Well, you are about to find out.
These are the pieces I had to leave behind (and some are what my mum bought for me after I sent her a list) because they wouldn't fit into my luggage when I was coming back over.
But I'm so excited that they're finally here and I can finally show you what I got.
So without further ado, here we go:


Mrs Pinky

White Parisian crop tee by Forever 21; Black shiny pants by ICE Fashion; Pink heels by New Look; Black rimmed sunglasses by ICE Fashion; Leopard print clutch by Supre; Gold watch by Michael Kors

The first thing I'm going to say is I wanted to do this shoot all over again after I'd come home and seen the images for the first time, but I really never got the chance to do so becase things became crazy so quickly, and so the reason I'm posting this today is because I really love this outfit and considering it gets cold out sometimes, it's convenient enough to be on the blog right now, so that is just a minor side note for you to take in.


A Few of My Favourite Things: August

August has been amazing to me, and I'd like to share why. Here is my favourite buy, my favourite do, my favourite eat, my favourite read, and my favourite wear of August.

There is no doubt about it that my new camera is my favourite buy of the month. It's been two years since I bought my last camera, but mid-way through August, that camera decided to give up on me (RIP Olympus), and so it was a sign from the camera Gods that I shall make that impulse and buy myself a new long-lasting and reliable camera. And boy, is this gem a dream to work with!
This is a Sony a3500 E-mount 20mp Digital Camera.
You can find the camera right here.


Spicks and Speckles

Black & white stripe print crop tee by Ally Fashion; Black jeans by Glassons; Black mules by Forever 21; Speckled coat by Paper Scissors; Diamond heart earrings by Swarovski

The future holds some pretty exciting things. It's filled with so much opportunity and it just takes one moment of courage to make things happen for yourself. The idea of failing is always in the back of my mind, but if I didn't step out of my comfort zone - or have the motivation to prove the haters wrong - I wouldn't be who I am and where I am. I've had so many incredible opportunities this past year, and I'm so grateful for everything. I'm looking forward to how my future will unfold. Turning 21 this year has made me more confident in the choices I'm making.


Knee-high Lust

White long sleeve top by Forever New; Black high-waist flare skirt by Chicabooti; Beige knee-high socks by Rubi Shoes; Black ankle boots by Forever New; Gold, silver & rose gold heart outline charm necklace by Lovisa; Gold heart ring by Colette by Colette Hayman; Silver heart charm bracelet by Lovisa

Feeling good in your own skin is important. Feeling good about the way you carry yourself in your choice of clothes everyday is even better. But you either have to 'fess up or deny that you decided not to wear that top today because it showed too much skin, or maybe you took off that gorgeous pair of heels because it might look too much for the day. Truth is, I get incredibly insecure about my choice of fashion for the day. Is it too revealing? Is it too distracting? is it too much? When in reality, people tend to compliment you a lot more when you've stuck with the outfit that was in your head rather than your "second option."

The point I'm trying to get across is that you should never feel like you have to hold back in order to please someone else's feelings. If they judge you for what you're wearing, then screw them - I'd like to see them rock that amazing ensemble themselves! If they hate you for being a little outspoken or being remotely shy, then screw them - you should be able to state your feelings or hide them as you choose. If they pick on you for not being the same size or colour, then screw them - you're beautiful and the world deserves to know.

I feel like today's society spends too much time tearing each other down when we should be lifting each other up at every success. There's already a lot of negativity and hurtful people in the world, we don't need more added into the mix. Applauded each other's success takes up a lot less effort than it does to pick them apart.

How does this relate to today's outfit post?
Well, I was very reluctant on whether or not I should post this shoot as an outfit of the day. Merely for the fact that it would take me to have two-balls-and-a-half to be able to step out in this outfit. But you know what, I did it and I've never felt better in my own skin. That's what I'm preaching about today.
Feeling better in your own skin. Please please please do not be anybody but yourself. No one likes a fake, and no one likes a meanie. But everybody loves a confident girl who isn't in over her head about it.

My wish for everyone tonight is to love yourself, and treat others respectfully. The world needs more people like that.

Filled with love,
Danica xo


His & Hers

He wears: Grey fitted polo shirt by Connor; Dark blue jeans by Connor; White Volleys by Dunlop Volley; Navy rimmed sunglasses by Raybans; Silver & rose gold watch by ASOS
She wears: Black sheer embroidered top by Ally Fashion; Navy denim-look skort by Paper Scissors; Black kitty flats by Rubi Shoes; Brown tinted leopard print rimmed sunglasses by Valleygirl; Circle pendant necklace by Lovisa; Gold watch by Michael Kors

Prepare yourselves for vomit-filled couple photos where you see 10 shots of us just blatantly making out - just kidding! No, you won't see any of that, but I am very excited to introduce another brand spankin' new feature on Heart, Style & Grace called His & Hers. This feature will include various photographs of mine and my man's outfits, once a month. Unlike other blogger boyfriends, my guy absolutely hates getting his picture taken, but he's chosen to co-operate and do this series with me purely out of love (and because he couldn't resist my puppy dog eyes.)

Relationships are hard work. It takes more than materialistic gifts and text messages at 2am in the morning to make a relationship last. It takes perseverance, understanding, patience and love. I know for a fact that Henry and I would never be where we are today if we didn't work for our relationship. We chose to never give up, and always directed our relationship to nothing but happiness. There were plenty of fights and a rives' worth of tears, but those moments shaped us and assisted in our growth as a couple.

So without further ado, we hope you enjoy this new feature, and we're excited to bring you more!
*And because this is a new feature and we had so much fun shooting, I've included two exclusive outtake shots where we were just dancing for no apparent reason*

Filled with love,
Danica xo