Weekly Wishlist: December 15 - December 21

As Christmas nears, my wishlist becomes almost quadruple the size. I can probably list a million things I want to get for myself, but when it comes to other people trying to figure out what to get me, I become utterly clueless. Mainly because of the fact that I prefer to buy things for myself (unless you really, really, really know me.)
This week I'm wishing for:

  1. Chicabooti drop back dress. A totally adorable dress, and the colours blend well together. I need this in my closet, especially since I realized that this Summer I do not own as much dresses as I'd imagined I did.
  2. Forever New billie boyfriend jeans in bleach. Boyfriend jeans are definitely a massive trend right now. Dress it down and it becomes casual-cool, but dress it up and it's ultimate chic! Can't go wrong with a pair of boyfriend jeans.
  3. Cocolatte dipped hem dress in pink. Something flowy and will suit well with a pair of flatform shoes is definitely another thing I want to consider adding to my wardrobe. This comfortable dress looks so easy to style and especially in pink, how can I ever go wrong?
  4. Forever New paloma pussy bow blouse in pale petal. Pussyboy blouses are my ultimate love! I regret ever throwing away my white silk short-sleeve pussybow blouse. Don't ask my why I did it, because even I don't know why I ever did. It was such a perfect piece!!! I'm forever frustrated with myself for doing that. But! Nonetheless, luckily they're coming back in style and I want to stock up! In every beautiful colour there is to exist.
  5. Nikon 1 camera in pink. On the look-out for a brand new camera. Although I got my camera a year ago, it's been great and all, but if I want my blog to improve, I need to invest in a great camera. I've heard nothing but great reviews about this baby, and plus, it comes in the most adorable pink colour!! Definitely going to be a struggle saving up for this, my trip overseas (twice this year!!) and updating my wardrobe! {Someone hire me after the Christmas period, pleaaaaaase!!}
  6. Forever New mary jane day bag. Looks like an LV bag, but pink and sweet. It's a little massive when I wear it, that's why I didn't buy it, but now I'm regretting it because I feel like I can totally rock it. Ugh, hopefully Forever New restocks this because someone really wants it (yep, that's me.)
Until my next post,
Danica xo

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