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Lo and behold, yet another New In post. Just a little note though, this isn't my boxing day sales shopping, this a collective post from the past few months, so they also were not bought all in one go (obviously.)

As stated before, I've been doing some updating when it comes to my wardrobe. So that involves finding great deals on clothes, shoes, jewellry and bags, and boy, am I having a lovely time doing this!
Working as a Christmas Casual at colette by colette hayman has been really great! Every single shift I come in for, I end up having a good time. It's as if I'm being paid to have fun while playing with bags and jewellry! Pretty rad, I must say.

Well anyway, I've bought a bunch of stuff that I'm honestly over-the-moon about. That's when you know it's been a successful couple of months shopping - when you can't stop obsessing over the stuff you purchased.

So enough with the small talk, and let's get to it.

Quite impressed with the quality of these photos. Honestly, it's never looked better.. Wow, astonishing.

OKAY! Snap out of it!

I can't pin-point which purchase is my favourite considering all of these pieces are so perfect, but I'm totally admiring my gold iPhone 5S. Was in total need of a phone upgrade after having the iPhone 4 for 3 years. Yes, the 4, not the 4S, not the 4G, the 4. Feel my pain, yeah?

As you can tell, I've purchased a lot of monochrome pieces. Since starting work at colette, I've noticed I built up soooo much colour in my closet, I never left any room for basics like blacks and whites. So I'm catching up with myself and sure am stocking up with a lot of basics and classy black and white pieces. Very pleased with myself.

colette by colette hayman had a 50% off all jewellry during the week before Christmas and I went absolutely craaaaaazy! As you can see, I stocked up on new jewels too seeing as I needed to update my jewellry rack too. Also, bought a couple of bags from colette because, who can resist their stylish bags?

These Real Techniques brushes are heaven-sent, and my new Forever New white leather backpack is absolutely perfect for when I start up at college again in February! Yay!

Another post will be up in a couple of hours. Stay tuned x

Danica xo

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