New In: Forever New

Hello my loves,
So the time has come again for me to come right out of the blue and bombard you with photo after photo after photo of things I've purchased since the last time you saw a post like this. Since I have started working as a Christmas Casual at colette by colette hayman, I've actually been spending a lot of my time updating my wardrobe. I know, I know - you probably feel like I've said that more than once or twice in my last few posts, maybe even on my social media that you may possibly follow me on (self-advertising, insert here, here and here.) But this time, I really feel like it's about time that I update my wardrobe to how I want to perceived these days. I turned 20 years old this year, and in a little over 6 months, I'm going to be the big 2-1! As I've grown up, my style's evolved. It's incredible how much things can change in a year because my style from last year is incredibly different than to this year.

Enough chit-chat, and let's get on with it. Everything in this brand new shopping post is from the ever-so-lovely store, Forever New.

Clearly I've spent a lot of time walking into Forever New and hardly ever walk out holding on to nothing.

My top two favourite purchases were my black quilted suitcase and my 16-piece makeup brush set.
I'm crazy in love with my new suitcase. Styling jobs will be so much easier with this pretty thing in my life!
I can finally venture into the makeup world being prepared with these pretty brushes. I always struggled without them because of my unsuccessful use of the wrong brushes, so now that I have the right brushes, my zombie face shall improve, no?

Trust me, this isn't the last you'll be seeing of their products on my blog.

The next time you'll hear from me, you bet your ass that it's going to be an outfit post!

Until my next post,
Danica xo


OOTD: Shift into Neutral

What I'm Wearing:
Top: Valleygirl
Pants: Glassons
Shoes: Rubi Shoes
Bag: Forever New
Watch: Diva
Bracelets: eQUIP
Ring: Lovisa

What Makeup I'm Using:
Maybelline FIT ME Foundation in 220
Face of Australia Translucent Loose Powder
Garnier Roll-On Anti-Dark Circles Concealer
Models Prefer Eye Brightener
Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner in Black
Sportsgirl Get Cheeky Cheek and Eye Shimmer
Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate in 22

Like me, the weather is being absolutely moody. Thus, today's outfit of the day reflects the flawlessness of a slight monochrome palette.
What attracted me to this top was the way it flared out at the bottom, kind of like a peplum top, but not (if that made any sense?!). The fact that it can go under a simple pair of leggings gives it such a versatile use.
As a lover of pink, I embrace all of the neutral tones too. Blacks, whites, creams, nudes and browns are my favourite pinks' best friends. They add a great tone to an outfit, but when worn together, it creates such a fierce look.
Black and white with a touch of cream can give a girl an instant confidence boost. Neutral tones that work together in an outfit create a very sleek and chic look.
I decided to pair this classic top with a traditional pair of black skinny jeans. I prefer to cuff some of my jeans at the bottom because as I am short myself, my legs tend to appear really short therefore cuffing (for some odd reason) gives a definition on where my legs end, make sense?
I got this really gorgeous bag from Forever New a few weeks back because I saw it in stores while I was on my lunch break during interning, and I knew immediately it had to be mine. It came in black with three removable pouches and I thought about just how many outfits this pretty purchase would go well with. I knew I swore off buying more black bags but you can never ever go wrong with black.
A touch of red to this look creates a bit more of a classy feel. When going for a monochrome look, prepare to incorporate a red lip because monochrome with red can do no wrong.

Until my next post,
Danica xo


Playing Dress-Up Never Truly Ends

As I was rumbling through the folders in my laptop, I found a folder of a terrible-quality-and-webcam-outfit-test-shoot from last year. It was a day where I dedicated time to put together a few outfits and shoot them on my webcam just to see how well they actually turned out when photographed, even if it was just on a webcam.
Dug from the archives, I give you my 2012 practice shoot (in absolutely terrible quality, but that will make you appreciate my current outfit photos.)

Top: Valleygirl
Skirt: Chicabooti
Heels: Rubi Shoes
Bag: Vintage Chanel

Top: Ally Fashion
Shorts: Factorie
Flats: Rubi Shoes

Dress: Hipster
Heels: Rubi Shoes

Jumpsuit: Cotton On
Skirt: Supre
Boots: Rubi Shoes
Bag: colette by colette hayman
Necklace: eQUIP

Top: Supre
Shorts: Chicabooti
Heels: Temt
Sunglasses: Cotton On

Top: Paper Scissors
Leggings: Tightrope
Heels: ?

Swimsuit: Temt
Skirt: Blue Jade
Heels: Temt

Top: Valleygirl
Outerwear: Paper Scissors
Pants: Glassons
Sandals: Forever New

Dress: SES
Sandals: ?
Bag: Rubi Shoes

Top: Intoxic
Shorts: Temt
Flats: Rubi Shoes

Dress: Temt
Heels: Rubi Shoes

Top: Forever New
Skirt: Blue Jade
Sandals: Girl Xpress
Turban: Sportsgirl

Top: Temt
Pants: Glassons
Brogues: Rubi Shoes

Hopefully I'll be able to re-create some of these looks so that they're much more detailed, styled and in much better camera quality for you all. I actually really adore some of these looks.

Until my next post,
Danica xo


Instagram Journal: Snowflake on Your Nose

I don't feel more at ease than when I'm reading a stack of mags / Little cutie came over for a few hours! / A grande caramel hot chocolate to warm the night / And a mag never hurts to end a night...

The weather warmed up a bit so it was nice to wear shorts for once / Thirty, flirty & thriving / Haven't had Boost in ages. Forgot how delicious it was! / Lovin' my internship at DOLLY mag!

A tall caramel hot chocolate before my shift at DOLLY mag / Long day working, not cosy in bed watching 2 Broke Girls / O M G marshmallow fluff!!! / Accessories appreciation upload for the day

Study food / Shopping goodies / This beauty paid for my new makeup / The most comfiest bras ever

The loveliness I put on my face to make me look more lovely / Mildly annoying that I'm reciting every line as I watch Mean Girls / Baked my first bath of fluffy devil's cupcakes with sprinkles, mmm! / Cup of hot chocolate, a stack of magazines and episodes of FRIENDS

Lovin' my Vintage Chanel / Amidst the sea of black & grey suits, you see a bright pop of orange and blue which is ME! / Explains it all *love heart eyes* / A day at DOLLY ain't complete without a Starbies brekkie

My college is too pretty / Flipping through a stack of mags while I wait for my in-class assessment to begin / Late dinner after class with Henry at Nandos / Found a cute as photo of Ethan when he began walking, aww my bubby!

Getting crafty and inspired / Rifling through my makeup bag / PLL in broad daylight? Yes sure. PLL in dark lonely nights? No no no. / Hi, I'm accident prone - I left a sour lolly in my fave bag and it melted.

81 Months with the most wonderful guy to have ever stolen my heart, I love you ♡ / That regular brekkie at Starbucks before a day at DOLLY / My lunch breaks always consist of shopping and I accidentally fell into the Typo store

Getting cosy in bed and investing my night in the final season of Gossip Girl / It's that time of the month / When the full first season of Jonas is only $15, you don't pass that up / Writing some lists and things to do in my new "list and things to do" book

Found these cute heels from hiding / Mink Pink warehouse sale buys / In bed watching one of my all-time fave movies: The Mighty Ducks / A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous - Coco Chanel

My booho package came in, yaaay! / Beef ravioli in carbonara sauce / Thank you to my amazing boyfriend for Pretty Little Liars season 3! / Caramel slice and short caramel hot chocolate for brekkie before DOLLY as per yoush

Happy birthday to the man who's been there for me from the beginning of my life. I love you, dad! ♡

*Instagram Journal from June*