Weekly Wishlist: October 13 - October 19

Hi loves,
I slowly got back into doing these wishlists about a month ago, and slowly got off edge again, but don't worry, I'm going to make these as weekly as possible (even in my busy schedule, grr!!) because I think they're so much fun to make and it actually helps me remember what I want to buy. Although, with Christmas right around the corner, it might not even be so necessary for me to buy them all for myself *wink wnk*.
{I do realize everything is from Forever New. Honestly, this is a major wake-up call to me realizing just how much I love them.}
This week I am wishing for:

  1. Forever New kayla round cosmetic case. Don't get me wrong, I currently love my cosmetic case, but the thing is I've accumulated so much makeup that it all doesn't fit (yes, I regularly remove makeup whenever I realise it is coming to its expiration). I've seen this in person at the stores, and it's so spacious, it's absolutely perfect!
  2. Forever New heidi extra large 2014 diary. I bought a small 2013 diary and it's felt like it's been heaven sent because as someone who is constantly admiring to be organised, I finally had my chance to be organised this year and with everything I've had going on this year, I'm so glad I had this. So for the coming year (yes, believe it or not, 2014 is coming sooner than we thought, where did the time go, right?) I want the extra large diary to document everything next year has to hold for me!
  3. Forever New pia pintuck pillow. The moment I found out about how Forever New was releasing a home collection, I couldn't contain my excitement. As pricey as these pillows are, and although they most certainly will get ruined in my bedroom, I think they're as gorgeous as hell and I badly want them in my life. I love interior decorating, and I love decorating my room, so to add these would actually just complete my room.
  4. Forever New lana lipstick pens. My Typo pens constantly run out on me, so I think it's probably a time for a change, and where else apparently has cute pens? My best girl friend, Forever New. They're so cute and they come in a pack of three's; absolutely perfect for my pencil case!
  5. Forever New charlotte large brush set. I have been on the look-out for Forever New's 16-brush set since last year and finally a new set has been released and I can't wait for get my hands on them immediately!!!! I mean, sure, I can buy it online, but I prefer to hold it in my hand in stores and purchase it while chatting with the sales assistant about how badly I want her job. Yeah, it's happened. But seriously, I'm impatient so that's probably an explanation as to why I prefer shopping at the mall than online. And besides, I'd want to feel these brushes before I buy them to make sure they live up to the standards I've grown in my mind.
  6. Forever New paloma pearl pillow. Ah, the home collection. I see this at every Forever New store and want to just take it to the counter and bring it home. It's so pretty! A pearl embellished pillow? How does one not fall in love with that? Impossible.
If you're looking for me next week, I'll be in Forever New.
Until my next post,
Danica xo

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