Lucky I'm In Love With My Best Friend

Hi loves,
It's officially been seven years since my boyfriend and I first got together. I know this is a fashion and beauty blog, and that my personal life doesn't have a place in this blog, but without this guy, my blog would have never started. He inspired me so much to go for what I want.
I remember the first day we got together (as cliche as it sounds) as if it was yesterday. We were so young, so vulnerable and so shy, it's crazy how close we've gotten and how much we've opened up to each other. I'm just so lucky that my love is now also my best friend.
We didn't plan a big day, because his 20th birthday is next week, so we've booked a hotel in the city so we could celebrate all of this then. But we did decide to open our gifts to each other today and I absolutely adore the pieces he got me! Boy knows me well (okay, maybe I helped him a little - boys are clueless sometimes!!)

He got me a 1-carat size diamond necklace with gold chain, and a 2-carat size diamond ring with gold band. Not an engagement ring yet, of course, but more like a promise. Hey, at this stage, I'll take anything, anything to be tied to the hip with this man.
His first card was absolutely adorable. A puzzle card that says "you & me"! I struggled a bit with arranging it (who gives you a puzzle without a starting picture to look back on?!), but eventually, with his help, I managed. There was also a cute message from him on the back, hehe. And with his second "hello" card, he had a beautiful long message and a picture of us glued into it. Ugh, this guy seriously knows how to make me melt like a popsicle.

So, I'm guessing you're wondering what I got him. Nothing too fancy or anything, but I'd notice his fetish with watches lately. Considering he's going to be a primary teacher, I wanted to make sure he had a really nice, professional watch to use when he does his prac-teaching, and besides, every guy needs a classic watch sometimes.

I'm really glad he loves it because I struggled for ages looking for the perfect watch for him. I came close to giving up and buying him the Star Wars trilogy like he originally wanted me to do. Ain't falling for that, honey!
I found this novelty card really cute but funny at the same time, which, in two words, perfectly describes us as a couple. We're cute in a funny way (HAHA)!

After we'd exchanged gifts, we put them aside and gave each other kisses as a thank you. Our son, Ethan (was playing on my camera) and ended up catching the moment (and in good quality, I might add), so here are the two pics he caught of us. Looks like a photographer may be in little one's future, hey?

Thank you to everyone who's greeted and congratulated us,
I love you all!

Until my next post,
Danica xo

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