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Hi my loves!
How's this weather, hey? Well, I say it's the perfect weather to cuddle up under a blanket, turn the TV on to your DVD of Winners & Losers, and open up a new blog post page and tap, tap, tap away!
As you all probably know, I've been interning in the fashion department at DOLLY magazine for a bit over three months now. I'm honestly loving it to pieces and enjoy coming in every single day that I'm rostered on for. Of course I'm doing the jobs most people would whinge and complain about, but to me it's a learning experience and it's actually quite fun! Working with the kindest and most down-to-earth ladies also helps in the process because every day doesn't feel intimidating, but interesting and fun.

When you do an internship, you don't expect anything in return except for maybe a little bit gratitude for your work. So I'm one of those lucky interns who actually enjoys her internship and surprisingly enough, my hard work actually pays off. I came in one day to intern, and was halfway through the day doing my job, when I unpacked a bag of clothes that didn't come with an invoice. Ready to write up a new invoice and ready to label them, I found a little note for Jess (Jnr Fash Ed) and so I handed the note and gifts to her then suddenly she asked me to pick out a piece I wanted to keep. Being the shy person that I am, I refused immediately, but the lovely person that she was, she refused to take no for an answer. I ended up picking this boucle jacket by missguided and it's actually so perfect. It's right up there with my style and it's something that's so versatile during the cold seasons.

Practically bouncing on clouds on my way into the office the following week, I was surprised to have Michelle (Fashion Ed) come in and tell me I could dig through the boxes of beauty products out in the main office because Gyan (Beauty Writer) was getting rid of some products from her cupboard. I was really excited because who doesn't love digging through tubs and tubs of beauty products?! I completed the returns I'd been doing, headed out for my lunch break, and when I got back, I set up camp in front of the products and ended up spending a good half-hour to an hour just picking out products I coveted. Another girl who was a work experience girl was digging through and we got to chatting about how awesome it was to be sitting in the office and grabbing products we longed for. She was a really sweet girl and really funny. It was hilarious because my supervisors had noticed that I'd carried a bag full of goodies back into the fashion cupboard, haha! So I ended up taking home a bag full of makeup, and boy, as soon as I got home, mum poked through immediately and slid some items into her pockets, the sneaky little woman. So the items mum had sniped from me aren't pictured above but I'm sure what's left is enough for you to picture how much I actually grabbed, hehe.

Considering I've basically got no time to shop (let's face it, I don't have the funds either [job hunting is just so difficult]), getting these pieces was the most loveliest surprise. I honestly never saw it coming because I figured it was a long shot. I thought these things only happened once you actually were an official team member of a fashion mag, so it was really awesome to have received these goodies.

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