Weekly Wishlist: September 15 - September 21

Hi sweeties,
It's been a pretty full-on week. I've been working on my styling assessment, done interning, celebrated my 7th anniversary with my boyfriend, and yesterday I had a photo shoot at college for a newspaper article (more details to come!). I'm taking a break from working on my styling assessment, so I'd decided to create this week's wishlist for you to suss out.
This week I am wishing for:

  1. Topshop ruffle front top in pink. In my opinion, ruffles are one of the most girliest materials. The fact that this ruffle top comes in pink gives it that much more of a girliness vibe. As Spring has rolled around, this cute little top is the perfect addition to my wardrobe. I can already think of 100 ways I could style this pretty little number because it's so versatile. I would probably even wear this in Winter!
  2. Topshop MOTO Vintage Joni jeans in mid stone. The 90's are back, and these jeans are the perfect example of what you need to pick up to complete the look. I'm a die-hard fan of Sabrina the Teenage Witch (I've got the entire series collection) and with a lot of her chosen outfits, I end up trying to determine whether or not I could get that outfit in stores now, and surprisingly, I can! In 90's flicks and TV series, they wear a lot of these jeans, and you know what? I want them! It's perfect too because I need jeans in this tone.
  3. Colette by Colette Hayman Cindy belt tote in cream and black. Reminds me a little bit of the Hermes Birkin bag in two tones, and as I know for a fact I'll never be able to afford a Hermes handbag, Colette's range comes in and takes first place winnings. I've realised that I own too many black bags, and considering this is majorly cream with a hint of black, it balances it out.
  4. Apple iPhone 5S in gold. The new series of iPhones were released yesterday, and I was on a waiting list since last week when the information was released about when it was coming out. Unfortunately they didn't get the gold in stock yet, so I may have to wait a couple more days, which is fine, but I honestly just want to hold it in my hands because I've been waiting over a year to update my handset. I'm so excited to get this phone because 1) I need an update badly (I have the iPhone 4, not 4S, 4!) and 2) it's gold!! It may look tacky to some, but to me, it looks undeniably attractive.
  5. Napoleon Perdis camera finish powder. One handbag necessity a girl needs is a compacted powder. Personally, I don't have one yet, so I've been reading reviews for this and I've been pretty pleased with what I've read. A lot of them said it's a non-cakey with oil control powder which is great for me! My skin's pretty dry but when I wear the foundation that I wear, it looks super oily so NP's camera finish powder seems like it would work wonders for me. It's super light coverage, which is fine because it's just a powder to go on top of my base foundation anyways. Plus, NP's packaging is always on-point.
  6. Boohoo Angie Rosette netted short full skirt. I saw a pic of this skirt but in a jumper version and I fell immediately in love. I haven't exactly found the jumper, but this skirt's the next best thing. I'm a skirts kind-of-girl and the material sewn to appear like roses all over the skirt is romantic and beautiful. So classy but trendy too. The colour makes it easy to style with other pieces but considering the skirt has a lot going on already, you'd want to stay simple up top so that it doesn't draw too much attention away from the skirt.
Until my next post,
Danica xo


Lucky I'm In Love With My Best Friend

Hi loves,
It's officially been seven years since my boyfriend and I first got together. I know this is a fashion and beauty blog, and that my personal life doesn't have a place in this blog, but without this guy, my blog would have never started. He inspired me so much to go for what I want.
I remember the first day we got together (as cliche as it sounds) as if it was yesterday. We were so young, so vulnerable and so shy, it's crazy how close we've gotten and how much we've opened up to each other. I'm just so lucky that my love is now also my best friend.
We didn't plan a big day, because his 20th birthday is next week, so we've booked a hotel in the city so we could celebrate all of this then. But we did decide to open our gifts to each other today and I absolutely adore the pieces he got me! Boy knows me well (okay, maybe I helped him a little - boys are clueless sometimes!!)

He got me a 1-carat size diamond necklace with gold chain, and a 2-carat size diamond ring with gold band. Not an engagement ring yet, of course, but more like a promise. Hey, at this stage, I'll take anything, anything to be tied to the hip with this man.
His first card was absolutely adorable. A puzzle card that says "you & me"! I struggled a bit with arranging it (who gives you a puzzle without a starting picture to look back on?!), but eventually, with his help, I managed. There was also a cute message from him on the back, hehe. And with his second "hello" card, he had a beautiful long message and a picture of us glued into it. Ugh, this guy seriously knows how to make me melt like a popsicle.

So, I'm guessing you're wondering what I got him. Nothing too fancy or anything, but I'd notice his fetish with watches lately. Considering he's going to be a primary teacher, I wanted to make sure he had a really nice, professional watch to use when he does his prac-teaching, and besides, every guy needs a classic watch sometimes.

I'm really glad he loves it because I struggled for ages looking for the perfect watch for him. I came close to giving up and buying him the Star Wars trilogy like he originally wanted me to do. Ain't falling for that, honey!
I found this novelty card really cute but funny at the same time, which, in two words, perfectly describes us as a couple. We're cute in a funny way (HAHA)!

After we'd exchanged gifts, we put them aside and gave each other kisses as a thank you. Our son, Ethan (was playing on my camera) and ended up catching the moment (and in good quality, I might add), so here are the two pics he caught of us. Looks like a photographer may be in little one's future, hey?

Thank you to everyone who's greeted and congratulated us,
I love you all!

Until my next post,
Danica xo


I love my little Dolly

Hi my loves!
How's this weather, hey? Well, I say it's the perfect weather to cuddle up under a blanket, turn the TV on to your DVD of Winners & Losers, and open up a new blog post page and tap, tap, tap away!
As you all probably know, I've been interning in the fashion department at DOLLY magazine for a bit over three months now. I'm honestly loving it to pieces and enjoy coming in every single day that I'm rostered on for. Of course I'm doing the jobs most people would whinge and complain about, but to me it's a learning experience and it's actually quite fun! Working with the kindest and most down-to-earth ladies also helps in the process because every day doesn't feel intimidating, but interesting and fun.

When you do an internship, you don't expect anything in return except for maybe a little bit gratitude for your work. So I'm one of those lucky interns who actually enjoys her internship and surprisingly enough, my hard work actually pays off. I came in one day to intern, and was halfway through the day doing my job, when I unpacked a bag of clothes that didn't come with an invoice. Ready to write up a new invoice and ready to label them, I found a little note for Jess (Jnr Fash Ed) and so I handed the note and gifts to her then suddenly she asked me to pick out a piece I wanted to keep. Being the shy person that I am, I refused immediately, but the lovely person that she was, she refused to take no for an answer. I ended up picking this boucle jacket by missguided and it's actually so perfect. It's right up there with my style and it's something that's so versatile during the cold seasons.

Practically bouncing on clouds on my way into the office the following week, I was surprised to have Michelle (Fashion Ed) come in and tell me I could dig through the boxes of beauty products out in the main office because Gyan (Beauty Writer) was getting rid of some products from her cupboard. I was really excited because who doesn't love digging through tubs and tubs of beauty products?! I completed the returns I'd been doing, headed out for my lunch break, and when I got back, I set up camp in front of the products and ended up spending a good half-hour to an hour just picking out products I coveted. Another girl who was a work experience girl was digging through and we got to chatting about how awesome it was to be sitting in the office and grabbing products we longed for. She was a really sweet girl and really funny. It was hilarious because my supervisors had noticed that I'd carried a bag full of goodies back into the fashion cupboard, haha! So I ended up taking home a bag full of makeup, and boy, as soon as I got home, mum poked through immediately and slid some items into her pockets, the sneaky little woman. So the items mum had sniped from me aren't pictured above but I'm sure what's left is enough for you to picture how much I actually grabbed, hehe.

Considering I've basically got no time to shop (let's face it, I don't have the funds either [job hunting is just so difficult]), getting these pieces was the most loveliest surprise. I honestly never saw it coming because I figured it was a long shot. I thought these things only happened once you actually were an official team member of a fashion mag, so it was really awesome to have received these goodies.


Weekly Wishlist: September 8 - September 14

Hi sweets,
I'm baaaaack! Well, technically, Weekly Wishlist is back, but still, yay for frequent coveted pieces being morphed into a collage on a weekly basis! I can't believe the last time I made a wishlist was in May (and actually the week of my 20th birthday, wow), but I'm glad it's back because honestly, this is the easiest way for me to list the things I want to buy in the weeks to come when the funds roll in, y'know what I'm sayin'?
This week I am wishing for:

  1. Gloss Professional 12pc brush set. I know what you aussies are thinking, "Gloss, really? Are you sure?" but their brushes are actually so soft and work really great (known from the way I sampled them in store), and I'm actually really considering purchasing these but I am still in a bit of a pickle choosing between these or the e.l.f. studio brush set? Either way, I hope to eventually own both in my collection, because dare I say it, I'm slowly but surely, learning how to use makeup and it's actually quite fun, but obviously I need the right tools.
  2. IT by Alexa Chung book. I've heard amazing buzz about this book. Personally, I adore Alexa Chung and her boy-ish yet feminine style. It's so cute and chic, I can't get enough of it. If I scroll through Tumblr and come across an Alexa Chung photo, you better know that that image is instantly in my feed. So with the release of her new book, IT, I'm so excited to add this to my collection!
  3. Models Prefer 'Espresso Self' eyeshadow quad. So yesterday for #GoNakedDay (to support Priceline and Look Good, Feel Better - an organization that boosts the self-esteem of women who have appearance-related side effects from cancer), I headed to my local Priceline and donated some money, then received a free goodie bag, Cosmo magazine and a free makeover! The MUA was to focus on one facial feature to makeover, and I got her to teach me how to apply eyeshadow. She used the Models Prefer eyeshadow quad but not in 'Espresso Self' but in 'Style Icon', but I think I prefer this one because the colours are a whole more neutral and easy to pull off. The reason I want this is because the palette already tells you exactly where to put it. So for a beginner like me, this is 1000% useful and helpful!
  4. Forever New mini Macey bag. Do I even have to say it? It looks so much like a Prada Saffiano! I love the colour of this bag. It totally reflects me, thus, I need it immediately. I mean, look at it, it belongs in my current bag collection. And as I've said before, I'm in a current bag craze right now, so let's be real, this is a Danica need.
  5. Boohoo Lexie taupe studded strappy mid-heels. Another designer look-a-like, this reflects the Valentino studded kitten heels. I've actually been lusting over these for a while, but I could never find the funds to afford the real deal, so when I headed onto the boohoo website and found these babies, I immediately hit the star and it saved into my bookmark folder named "Want".
  6. Diva white rose headband. Flower headbands have been circling the fashion world as of late, and I'm impressed because I'm actually quite obsessed with them. This white rose headband is pretty perfect considering it can easily match any outfit considering it's a neutral tone. White can suit anything and when you're me (someone who wears minimal accessories), a white accessory is the perfect addition to your closet.
Until my next post,


Instagram Journal: Outfits

"Filming a haul video"
Dungarees: Chicabooti
Top (underneath): Ally Fashion

"Late lunch to Rashay's"
Top: Cocolatte
Shorts: Dotti
Jacket: Temt
Sandals: Miss Understood
Necklace: Diva

"Dressing room outfits"
Top: Temt
Pants: Temt
Necklace: Diva

"Dinner with my fellow teen parents"
Top: Ally Fashion
Pants: Glassons
Shoes: Sportsgirl
 Bag: Valleygirl
Watch: Pulsar
Necklace: Lovisa
Bracelet: eQUIP

"Surprise party for Ferielle's 19th!"
Top: Paper Scissors
Skirt: Girlfriend
Stockings: ?
Shoes: Pink Sugar
Belt: Red Berry
Necklace: eQUIP
Watch: Valleygirl

"Exhausting day after a full day shopping in the city"
PJ's: Valleygirl

"Dinner at Pho 76 in Wetherill Park"
Top: Miss Shop
Pants: Paper Scissors
Shoes: Sportsgirl
Watch: Valleygirl
Necklace: Lovisa
Bracelet: eQUIP

"Running out (literally) to get some lunch with Henry"
Top: Temt
Skirt: Valleygirl
Shoes: Converse

"Furniture shopping"
Top: Dangerfield
Shorts: Chicabooti
Shoes: Converse
Necklace: Diva

"Shopping with mum"
Top: Banana Republic
Shorts: Dotti
Shoes: Sportsgirl
Watch: Dotti

"Makeup shopping"
Top: Temt
Skirt: Girlfriend
Shoes: Rubi Shoes
Wallet: Forever New

"Janine's 18th debut!"
Dress: Paper Heart
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Kate Hill
Necklace: Lovisa
Bangle: Forever New
Ring: eQUIP

"Weekly visit to the in-laws'"
Dress: Temt

"Good Friday mass"
Top: Temt
Pants: Glassons
Shoes: Rubi Shoes

"Easter Sunday with my future in-law's"
Top: temt
Pants: Temt
Shoes: Converse
Watch: Pulsar
Bracelets: ICE Fashion


New In

May issues from April from local newsagency

Nail polish in Orchid by Oroton from MYER

Rogue Volupte Shine lipstick in no. 2 Intouchable by YSL from MYER

Hot pink small cross-body bag, white snake skin day planner, and black mini coin purse (used as a lippie holder for my bag) from Forever New

Varsity jacket and knit varsity cardigan from City Beach & Valleygirl

Fragrance mist in Sheer Love by Victoria's Secret

New layout for Cleo Magazine - lovin' it!

Cute mints from Sportsgirl

Hand Lotion & Sanitizer by Soap & Glory from KIT Cosmetics

A5 Campus Notebook from Typo
Leather Quilted Bow Gloves from Forever New

The Vogue Factor by Kirstie Clements book

Fashion from Topshop

Benefit Beauty & Chi Chi NUDES Eyeshadow Palette from MYER

Spiral Notebook, Novelty Erasers & Vintage Sticky Notes from Typo

June issue magazines from May from local newsagency

Leopard print trench coat by Michael Kors

Studded Buckle Ankle Boots & Black Clogs from Rubi Shoes
Studded Suede Ankle Boots from Temt

Navy & White Stripe Tee from Sportsgirl
Eyeshadow Case Liquid Tape from Typo

Prada Lookalike Sunglasses from Boohoo

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipsticks in 22 & 20 from Priceline

Crochet shorts from Chicabooti
Girl Express embellished flats from K-Mart

Black jellies from Rubi Shoes

Selena Gomez perfume from Priceline

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in 045 Romantic, Lip Butters in 090 Sweet Tart & 035 Candy Apple from Priceline

Ankle strap heels from Nine West

Loafers, briefs, phone case and pajama shorts from Peter Alexander

6-button cream coat from Dotti
Princess ballet tulle dress from Dotti
Baroque in gold print black jeans & cream/gold knit sweater from Dotti

24Seven white & pink singlet from Trade Secret

Waffle-knit sweater in white from Dotti

Basic longsleeve tees in white & black from Forever New

Cream quilted 6-button coat from Paper Scissors
Basic tee in white from Paper Scissors

Yours Truly by Ariana Grande album

A5 Campus Notebook "Paris Confetti" & "Bonjour" pen from Typo

August Seventeen magazine & September SHOP magazine from local newsagency

Well damn, what a massive haul this was! (I'm totally kidding by the way) This is a massive collective haul from April, yes you read that right, April! It's been that long and oh my goodness, I have managed to rack up a massive amount of new items. I cannot stress it enough that this is a COLLECTIVE haul from APRIL 2013. This is five months worth of shopping, so there's a lot to get through.

Let's started, shall we?

As I've come across in the last few months, I'm beginning to finally discover what suits me in the factors of shopping. I have an overflowing closet, but majority of it is all wrong for me, so I've slightly been making some changes and bit-by-bit, I've been making a few additions to my collection and I've surprisingly been inspecting a bunch of basics, which is fantastic considering, after careful consideration, I don't own basics. I get so caught up in a bunch of trends that I forget a simple white tee can go a long way when it comes to outfit planning. So I have been living in my black, white and cream basics lately.

Magazines, I can't get enough of them and I don't think I ever will. I remember some time last year as a desperate act to save some $$$, I cut off buying my magazines (not entirely, that would be tragic) but I did restrict myself to only buying my top 2 or 3 favourites. That lasted for 2 or 3 months max. due to my undying love for the fresh smell and shiny feel of mags. Which is why I'm so unbelievably thankful, grateful and lucky to be a fashion intern at DOLLY magazine from June till the present. Being able to have an in-depth look at how a magazine forms is actually quite amazing.

For the past few months, I've been heavily obsessed with buying bags and shoes. I, for some reason, can't get enough of it. I've got a mountain pile of bags that I've collected over the years and it's continued to grow this year. It doesn't help that mum and I are insane shopaholics when we get together, and we both have an obsession with bags and shoes (and anything to do with fashion). But bags are total necessities! What am I going to carry my entire room in? Yes, I'm someone who has to bring almost everything in her bag because she's paranoid that there'll be an emergency. One time I forgot to bring pocket tissues and I was sneezing the whole train ride to the city. I felt miserable. So now, I have a check list, and that's where my bags come in. They have to be stylish and the perfect size. Not too big, but not too little either. As for shoes, when have you ever heard a woman say she has way too many shoes? Answer: never. You can never own too many shoes. Shoes can make or break an outfit!

As for being someone who's miserable when it comes to makeup, I'm surprisingly getting the groove (rather slowly, but surely) and I've noticed it's all about having the right equipment. I'm on a major hunt for the perfect brush set to begin with and so far, Real Techniques is leading by far. But there's always way too many beauty sales going on, I can't resist to not walk into Priceline and pick up a thing or two. The items I picked up from MYER were purely bought with my MYER gift card that I got for my birthday, so it was a given that I had to pick something up from one of my favourite beauty brands - Benefit. Also, this Chi Chi NUDES palette is unbelievably wonderful! I definitely recommend it.

Ariana Grande is an incredible music artist and her Mariah Carey-esque vocals are one to be applauded for. Her first album Yours Truly deserves to be number one in all the major cities and countries. Obviously after four years of working on this album, perfectionist and passionate Grande has done truly well with this release. I, for one, bought the album on iTunes AND in a hard copy because it really is just that perfect. You can't flaw any of the songs, and you can tell she's put her heart and soul into every lyric. As far as anyone's concerned, this little lady is definitely going further than she'd ever imagine. (Can I just mention how totally in love I am with her fashion style?!)

I hope you feasted your eyes well enough into this post because holy moly, I didn't even realise how massive this post was, woooops!

Many more blog posts to come!!

Until my next post,