Instagram Journal: Puppies in a Field of Daisies

My birth month always manages to be favoured best / Got my hands on the new and improved Cleo magazine / Quick little outfit post for my Event Management class / Waiting for class to start at college!

Packed my vintage Chanel for a busy day the following day / Even mints are getting stylish, love these Sportsgirl mints / Waiting in the school lounge reading fashion books / Working a private event for Clinique!

Free goodie bag from Clinique for helping out with their event for two days! / The goodies given to us - mum loved them! / Dressing for the David Jones bridal expo / Beautiful garlands for David Jones

The lovely bunch of TFI girls I got the chance to work with / Mmm, ribs at Pancakes on the Rocks with my family / Mum took me on a shopping spree for my birthday! Love how she always does this for us / Mum got me a Dior lipgloss for my birthday! Love it!!

Adore this illustration I found on Tumblr of the Sex and the City gals / New shoesies, so cute right? / Vintage Chanel, you absolute beauty of a bag / Testing out my boyfriend's iPhone 5 camera quality. Goes to say, I need a new phone!!

IT'S MY 20TH BIRTHDAY!! / One of the only smart things Paris Hilton ever said / My little brother got me a denim circle skirt for my birthday! Unreal! / Birthday selfie coming right at you

Blackforest flavoured birthday cake / My birthday presents from my two of my loves: Ethan and Henry / Quick outfit preview for my Design class / Little design space for today's class!

Bought pink and white block letters for my party / Lipstick giveaways for my 20th birthday party this weekend! / My cute little family / My brothers!

Michael Kors was excited to come out and play / My future in-laws got me a Kardashian Kollection bag for my birthday, and of all bags, they got one that I absolutely love because it's perfectly my style / The ELLE Australia fashion show was my favourite / Lovely macaron tower

The wonderful people who celebrated my 20th with me! / My boys and my girls / Birthday interior decorations / Birthday cake? More like cute cupcakes!

Food, food, food! / Strawberry tarts and macarons - two of my absolute faves / Blowing out my birthday candles with my lovely little boy beside me / Iris knows me so well - this card is perfect!

Happy Mothers Day! / Nothing says "I love you" quite like Chanel - happy mothers day & early birthday mum! / Checked into our hotel in the city! Beautiful view / Our dessert after a food-court dinner, mmm!

So much love for this guy. Thanks for making this a wonderful birthday weekend! / Our 6am view / It's goodye for now. I'm going to miss waking up to you, city! / Styling (2) class!

Cape coat and Michael Kors watch adventuring together / Authentic Chanel wallet from my girl since we were babies, thank you so much, Dana! / Guilty selfie / Mum's fab find

Blog this, blog that / Happy birthday mum! / Vanity / New in for A/W!

TFI's set up for our Networking Breakfast / Bought my first Soap & Glory products from KIT Cosmetics / Testing out a new app - though I really want these clogs.. Oops, I have them! / Hand goodies from Soap & Glory

Totally thankful / All of my heart belongs to you / A/W rack all sorted / Blogging and homework after my first trial at DOLLY

My pretty little Chanel wallet / Kirstie Clements, former Vogue editor & best-selling author of The Vogue Factor coming to our college to guest speak! / On a nice train on my way to class / Planned a warm outfit for our guest speaker tonight

Today's makeup / Met Kirstie Clements! Amazing woman! / The TFI students that attended the talk / New in: collage notebook and chic leather gloves

Alaia Rose, the most stylish 3 year old I have ever seen / An incredible read! / Set up camp for class / My little man, the cutie patootie

Girly things / Super Saturdays are just so great / I really do / MAC's Baking Beauties collection is perfect - like these blushes

Homemade waffles with maple syrup and sliced bananas / Fancy shmancy items I own / My little boy is finally 4 years old! I can't believe how fast time goes by! / The big boy cutting his cake, aw

Ethan's massive family / My favourite photo of our little family / I would never get through my days without my planner and watch / Excited to say that I've been chosen to be DOLLY's fashion intern! So excited!

Steak and mash with my boyf - study break! / Absolutely love The Cherry Blossom Girl's pretty parisian chic blog / "I don't own any pants!" I say, with a mountain pile of pants in front of me / Going for classy at class today

Classes are always the best at TFI / My boyfriend is so sweet - surprised me with a jelly donut from Krispy Kreme when he picked me up after class / Have started using my silk butterfly robe so much, love how it feels when I come fresh from the showers

*This is my MAY Instagram Journal. I do these posts for those who don't have Instagram, and would like to stay updated with what I've been up to.*

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