Get Your 'F' Plates at The Fashion Institute for 2014 (or now) NOW!

Have you been itching for an opportunity to study fashion, but never really knew where to do it?
Have you always dreamt of being a stylist, a buyer, a member of PR company or a chance to be a part of a magazine?
Have you always wanted to intern??

Well, now's the time to enquire and enrol to The Fashion Institute in Surry Hills, Sydney!
I got mine, now you can get yours! Get your 'F' plates at The Fashion Institute and enrol for 2014 (or now!)
Lock in your spot by contacting TFI on info@thefashioninstitute.com.au or on 02 9698 9919!
When asked how you found out about TFI, don't forget to mention my name "Danica Sarza" :)

You'll absolutely love it! TFI's been the best experience so far, and it's only really just begun!
It would be our pleasure to have all you savvy fashion lovers to join our college and experience it with us.

If you have any questions, don't be hesitant to contact them, or even me directly! :)


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