New In: Michael Kors

I'd always dreamt of owning anything Michael Kors so when one day mum came home with a brand spankin' new MK bag, I was more than over the moon! But then a few weeks later, I came home from college, and found an MK box on my dresser. Suddenly going through a silent breakdown in my mind, I immediately opened it, and found a beautiful gold watch (and did a tiny squeal) (okay, a really loud squeal.) Mum had gotten me an early birthday gift!

The MK bag is a perfect little bucket tote bag. I love carrying it because it makes me look like I have money to blow on whatever my heart desires, when in reality, I'm rolling on a bank account of nada.
Considering it's an open bucket tote bag, I can fit so much in there, you'd expect to see my pet dinosaur in there too, (just kidding, my pet dinosaur stays home 24/7) but seriousl, there's so much space, it's a girl's ultimate dream. Especially a girl like me - one who carries basically her entire room with her wherever she goes (I quietly struggle when I have to bring a small bag or a clutch when I go out.)

I don't have many white bags, or at all, so it felt fabulous to add this baby to my collection. Who refuses a Michael Kors bag when they aren't the ones rolling out the cash for it? Certainly not I!

Since receiving these precious goodies, they've ventured out into the world with me on various occasions. So much fun considering they always seem to complete all of my outfits.

Can you believe we're halfway through the year? Well, if any of you have recently had your birthday pass by and you've turned the fragile age of __, comment below what your fave gifts were! I would love to hear them.

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