Instagram Journal: Hidden Treasures

Snippets of what's to be placed in my inspiration book / Some beauty inspiration / Lizzie McGuire episodes to ease the morning! / Volunteering at MBFWA'13 & starting at The Fashion Institute!

Vintage Cotton On Body bra my mama gave me / Love my clothing rack! / Freshly painted lilac nails / Reading SHOP before bed

Graduated!!!! / Received my MYER one card in the mail / Prawn dumplings for lunch / Rain, blogging and Lizzie McGuire

Breakfast to-go / Gossip Girl while I paint my nails / Fall in love with my blog every single day / Starbucks run!

Thank you baby for my Starbucks! / Make me up before you go-go / My favourite little dress! It's so me! / Graduation dinner then Starbucks with my best mates!

Love the way my hair is curled / Friends who are basically cousins already / My lippie collection! / Pretty in pink

New in: suede circle skirt, white crop top and rose gold watch / Starbucks craving fulfilled / It really is / Fashion week volunteer essentials - less is best

My first ever Michael Kors bag! I am in love! / Most comfortable flats for work at fashion week / Kate Sylvester SS'13 show! Loved the collection! / Orientation day at The Fashion Institute!

We started off volunteering at fashion week together, now we spend every week at fashion college together. Love this girl to bits and pieces! / Raffles Sydney show! / So much fashion in this series alone! Love! / Freebie: perfect plum for A/W lippie by Revlon

Winter wear from Ally Fashion / It's all in the details: final shift at fashion week / Dressed two models at a show, stress!!!! / Early birthday present: Michael Kors watch. Thanks mum and dad!!

Dinner cruise for Mama Esky's birthday! / My little bubba drinking iced tea in a wine glass, hehe / Loves of my life / Guylian praline shake always goes off!

Setting up my makeup storage / Newbies: YSL and Oroton / 5am wake up call means getting ready in the dark, booo! / Bits and bobs of my dresser

Monthly bibles / Honey soy chicken chips while I watch Sex and the City the movie / New blanket! So cosy and pretty! / Baby pushing the kiddie trollies at Coles

Ethan keeping me company as we watch MKR together / Classy classics / Catching up on some journal writing / *Love heart eyes*

Steve Madden clearance warehouse ran out of my size for all the shoes I wanted *cry* / Mmm white chocolate and milk chocolate covered strawberries / Dinner date with the boyfriend for our monthsaversary / Starbucks run after the date with babe

Got too cosy in bed with the boyfriend to get out / Fave store. Could never walk in without coming out with something! / Set up a station for the day! / Can you say varsity?

Quickly got addicted to Starbucks / Wildfox, why you gotta do this to me? / New in: necessities for fashion college! / Inspiration for my birthday party!

Kate Sylvester's giveaway at her SS'13 show! / First-day-at-fashion-college face / Getting ready while watching The Hills! / Sitting on ghost chairs as I listen to fashion geniuses

Goodies from Colette / Clueless: all-time fave movie! / The Hills, homework and blogging / Nandos lunch date with the boyfriend

Babe got us dippin dots! / New in: Victoria's Secret body spray in 'sheer love' / Makeup storage all set up / Cute swings at Yogurberry make fro-yo so much more fun!

Tuna and avo sushi as I watch my fave rom-com Something Borrowed / New in from Colette / Vanilla cream frappe with caramel drizzle

Best place to find inspiration is my clothing rack. Love it! / Using my Oroton gift bag as a brush holder. I can never get rid of pretty bags / Chocolates and a vanilla candle, mmm! / First time burning my candle. Smells so good!

Reading SHOP before bed as my candle burns, deliciously / Hey baby / Getting my tote ready for my Styling class / Beauty is ageless. Absolutely love the new catalogue by Peter Alexander!

Watch out for my post about stuff I've been doing at college, and also, in a few more posts, I will be talking about my internship at DOLLY magazine!
Until my next post,

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