Birthday Wishlist: 20 Items For My 20th

I'm always so excited for my birthdays every year. There's something about having the people you love most in your life, gathered around you to celebrate the years you've been in their lives is just overwhelming but beautiful. Birthdays always make me feel appreciated of everyone who's been apart of my life up until now and hopefully for such a time longer. It's not even my birthday yet, and already I'm being spoiled to such an extent that I couldn't be any more grateful for. I'm aware materialistic items aren't what's important, but being a fashion blog, I assume a wishlist of what I'm admiring around the time of my birthday would be appropriate, and who doesn't love a little fashion eye candy?
In no particular order, for my 20th birthday, I am wishing for:

  1. White iPhone 5. I've been wishing for a new phone for so long now. I've dropped my iPhone 4 (yes, 4, not 4S, but the one before that) so many times and it's gotten slower and slower. No cracks or chips or anything, but the software/program is slower now. Not sure if my dropping it has anything to do with it but it's one of the main reasons why I want the new iPhone. Plus, the camera quality is fantastic in the newer versions of the iPhones, and it's sooo much lighter. I'm sick of my black one, so I'm opting for a white one this time.
  2. Chanel nail polish iPhone case. I've wanted one ever since the first time I ever laid eyes on one (online). Although, I've basically promised myself not to purchase any more iPhone cases for my iPhone 4 since I will be getting a new phone rather soon. They're just so stylish, and irresistible! A must for when I get my new phone.
  3. Jelly Bean Jelly Sandals in Pink. I've been told that there is a white version of these sandals, and if I could find them, I would definitely get those ones! But since I can't seem to find the white one anywhere, as a girl who believes you can never have enough pink, I prefer the pink ones. I've walked into Princess Polly a bunch of times and my size is always always always sold out, it sucks!!!! I'm thinking of purchasing them online and just having to wait for them by post, I guess.
  4. Gift Cards. Ah, gift cards, the master of all shopping cards. For my last few birthdays, all I've asked for were a bunch of gift cards because then I can't spend it on food, but on some of my fashion essentials which is basically perfect! In my opinion, it's better to give gift cards if you don't know the person too well and wouldn't want to get them a gift that they wouldn't actually like. Unless you know them well enough to know that they would actually like a gift card.
  5. Chanel bag. Completely out of reach, but it felt good to put it on the wishlist anyway. But seriously, who wouldn't want a Chanel bag this beautiful? Ultimate want! One day, I will have a Chanel bag.
  6. Dior bag. Another completely out of reach bag, but it's such a pretty and girly bag that the first time I saw it I knew I must must must have it. Some day, I will have this bag also. It's too perfect not to get!
  7. White iPad.  I've contemplated on getting an iPad for over a year now.. I don't know if I should or shouldn't. Is it necessary or not? The only reasons I really want it is for when I'm in bed and my laptop's off, and I'm on Instagram/Tumblr on my phone, an iPad is the perfect medium to just snuggle up in bed with. That's basically it, and I don't feel like that's ever good enough.. Plus, the cute cases and bags for it are another addition as to why I'd want one, but other than that, it's really not at all necessary for my daily activities.
  8. $$$. Who doesn't love getting some beautiful cash from their grandparents/parents for their birthdays?
  9. MAC Cosmetics. Who doesn't love some MAC lovin'? (see what I did there)
  10. MOR Cosmetics/Candles. Their packaging is absolutely beautiful! Their candles smell mesmerizing, too. Ah, I'm so happy they're being brought into Target/Priceline!
  11. Benefit Cosmetics. I love love love Benefit cosmetics! The packaging is super cute but the quality of the products is even better!
  12. Wildfox Couture Fashion. So many of their items are definitely right up my alley. Girly, sassy, sweet, but with a hint of edgy. Just perfect.
  13. Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes. I've wanted these shoes ever since I first got Tumblr and saw pictures of them on there. I recently stepped into a store which had all of these cute beauties in stock and in my sizes (wooooo!) which means it's even more irresistible. I just want a pair of each of these styles in my shoe closet, for sure.
  14. Victoria's Secret Fragrance. My mum recently bought a bottle called "sheer love" and it smells absolutely divine. I'm sneaking it into my arms at every opportunity I can to smell the sweet whiff of it. Therefore, I definitely need my own collection of these gorgeous scents.
  15. Sportsgirl Team Tee. They made a gallery of old sports team tees on their website a little while ago and I knew if they ever got any team tees in, I had to get them, so guess what I'm going to be buying myself for my birthday?
  16. Cat Eye Sunnies. Been lusting over a pair for quite some time now. I'd definitely classify it as totally my style. It's classy, chic and super stylish. There are a lot of styles for this kind of sunglass though, so it's about finding the right balance with the right one.
  17. Winter Coat. I desperately need one for this cold weather. As I study in the city, it obviously gets really cold, and the perfect Winter coat can take you from frozen to mega warm in an instant. They're stylish and an important staple to your wardrobe. A must for every girl everywhere!
  18. Fashion Books. I can never ever have enough. I mean, let's be honest. I love fashion, and I love books. Put those together and voila, you've got a match made in heaven!
  19. Peonies. Favourite flower. It's beautiful, it's elegant, it comes in pink! What more could I want?
  20. DVDs - Gossip Girl season 6 + Sex and the City Boxset. Two of my absolute favourites, and two that I don't have as part of my DVD collection (insert sad face.) I still haven't seen any of the sixth season of Gossip Girl, but I enjoy watching it late and on DVD anyway! I love the Sex and the City movies, but I've never properly seen any of the actual TV series. So both of these would be absolutely love-leh!
So, there it is. I'm 20 years old in a couple of hours and I spent my day creating a fantasy wishlist. That really says a lot about my life..
Well I have a Magazines class at college tomorrow and my teacher is a Vogue editor, so I am super duper excited!!!!!

Until my next post,


  1. Love this post Danica! I am so in love with the Chanel Nail Polish iPhone cases, I am looking at buying one for myself!

    Happy birthday in advance too! I hope your fashion course is going well! (So jealous!)


    1. Thank you so much, Codie! I love the Chanel nail polish cases, I know I should wait until I get my new phone but I'm getting very antsy! You should definitely buy one!! Too hard to resist them!

      Thank you darling! My course is going fantastic! I don't want it to end at all :(