Birthday Inspiration: I'm turning 20!

In two days, I'll be leaving my adolescence behind and stepping my toes into my twenties. As I've been pretty busy lately, I started planning my birthday three weeks in advance, eventually though, two weeks passed by without my noticing, and now my celebration's in less than a week and I've still got nada.
I recently started at The Fashion Institute and I actually attended my 'Event Management' class the other night and one of our activities was to create an event with a $100,000 budget. It was fantastic and brain storming ideas of planning events was so much fun!! It got me excited for my birthday and I ended up dreaming bigger.
Tumblr's a great impact on one's inspiration and expression, so I was really glad to have found a ton of inspiration for how I would want my 20th party to turn out (although, rather impossible, but it's okay to dream big.) I think I'll scrap book this and keep it in mind for my 21st next year, which I am hoping will be quite big considering I didn't get to celebrate my 18th two years ago!
My main ideas for my 20th are:
  • The perfect dress
  • Castles of macarons
  • Milkshakes with cream and a cherry on top
  • Cute cupcakes
  • Pretty bunting inside and outside (creating this with my own craft paper!)
  • Strawberry tarts
  • Floral garlands
  • Pink and white balloons
  • Little lipsticks as giveaways (and thank yous)
  • Chanel bag cake
  • Piles of magazines on coffee tables
  • Pretty, pink and beautiful room decor
  • Candy bar
  • Cute giveaway bags (most likely for my 21st though actually)

So here's a massive (218 photos, to be precise; honestly, I tried to cut down) of digital scrap book of some inspiration for my birtrhday celebration:


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